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Review 50 songs in the name of flowers, which one has your memories?

Flowers are probably the most beautiful gift in nature. Big and small, colorful, or light or thick, or elegant or charming, with its own style, a happy world. If every flower has a song, which song named flower has your story? What do you like is that song, the mood when you listen to it, or yourself when you listen to it? Which of the following 50 songs has touched you?

Flowers and flowers in the name of the song / Jay Chou / Phoenix flower opening / Terry Lin red (white) rose / Eason Chan Gardenia Blossom / He Jiong Cherry Blossom Dance / Cao Xuanbin hibiscus flower / Yuan Quan Dandelion's appointment / Jay Chou Blue Lotus / Rose / Snow Flower / equinox flower / Wild Rose / wild Rose / perfume lily / Rose Rose I love you / The crying lily / The Shy Rose of Sun Yue opens quietly / the funeral of Meng Tingwei's Rose / Xu songmuxihua is waiting / Xiao Huangqi cuts the plum blossom / Fei Yuqing's wild lily also has spring / Liu Xijun's Lu Binghua / Zhen Ni's plum blossom Sannong / Dong Zhen's Apple Blossom / Chen Shanni's Jasmine / Mo Wenwei's wild chrysanthemum / Huang Zheng's nocturnal fragrance / Deng Lijun's love of rose / Lin Yilian's Peach Blossom / a Niu 999 roses / Tai Zhengxiao lilac / Tang LEIYU Cherry / butterfly of Feier Orchestra / sonorous rose of waterwood age / Tianzhen Cherry / sweety osmanthus / seven composite lilies / Longmei Orchid / Liu Wenzheng mountain Camellia / Deng Lijun you are my rose / Panglong Do you have any favorite flowers or songs you like to listen to? Tell Xiaozhi your favorite song or story