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The reasons for the overgrowth of succulent plants: an analysis of the reasons for the overgrowth of

As we all know, most succulent plants are shorter and better looking. If they grow in vain, they will become ugly. So, how can we prevent overgrowth? Xiaobian has sorted out several common causes of excessive meat growth and corresponding prevention methods. Huayou can understand them according to his own actual situation.

The reason why the succulent plants grow in vain the succulent plants grow in vain. To prevent the succulent plants from growing in vain, we must first understand the reason why the succulent plants grow in vain. There are different ways to deal with different reasons. The following is the specific reason analysis and corresponding prevention methods:

The first reason is lack of ultraviolet light;

Why ultraviolet rather than light? This is because during the evolution of meat for billions of years, the amount of ultraviolet light and the total amount of sunlight always keep the same ratio. If the sun is strong, the UV light will be more, if the sun is soft, the UV light will be less, so the meat simply uses the UV light to judge the total amount of sunlight.

But what meat can't think of is that there is a substance called glass in the world, and glass can block 90% of the ultraviolet light. So the total sunlight statistical system of meat immediately failed. The meat behind the glass window always thinks that it receives only one tenth of the actual light. Fortunately, if your meat thinks that one tenth of the sunlight is enough, it's OK. But once the amount of ultraviolet light is lower than the critical value in the heart of the meat, the meat will save itself immediately.

Self rescue method 1: spread pancakes or even wear skirts, that is to say, do your best to open the leaves to the maximum. In this way, meat can effectively expand the light receiving area of the leaves.

Self rescue method 2: excessive length. Using this method, the occlusion between leaves can be reduced as much as possible, greatly improving the utilization rate of leaf surface area.

Since we know that it's flesh and blood that causes immortality for self-help. So it's much easier to prevent this kind of futility.

Solution: if you are going to plant in the whole room, try not to buy exposed meat. The meat grown in the greenhouse will be more suitable for you, because although the greenhouse has excellent light, it is also lack of UV, so the UV disorder of the meat in the greenhouse will be less.

In addition, opening a window often can also effectively alleviate this problem, because the scattered ultraviolet light will come in from the window (a window is enough to double the UV content in the room), making meat think that the sun is enough.

Ultraviolet light is not enough

The second reason is that the soil is too rich (too much nitrogen);

If fertilizer is applied to flower friends who raise meat at home, they are generally compound fertilizer. The present plant compound fertilizer must be dominated by nitrogen fertilizer (nitrogen fertilizer can grow leaves and flourish branches). However, nitrogen fertilizer is a very bad thing for meat, because nitrogen fertilizer can accelerate the cell division of meat. If photosynthesis fails to keep up with it, meat will grow in vain immediately, and it is weak and prone to lodging.

I think the biggest advantage of meat compared with other flowers and plants is slow growth and stable morphology. Since I bought meat home to raise it, I don't need to urge it to grow and breed quickly. I just want it to look good there. If the goal is to breed and make money, you'd better rent a shed in the suburb, where the meat grows fast.

Solution: my solution is that meat should be poor, that is to say, the soil should be poor and hungry. In this way, the resistance of meat can also be stimulated and it is not easy to get sick. Fertilization, family cultivation really can not be considered.

Stone flowers with too much soil

The third reason is too much water;

We've already discussed the problem of watering. This is caused by the mismatch between the amount of water and the amount of sunlight. When the water absorbed by the meat can not be consumed by photosynthesis, it will be stored in the stem (the leaves are full of water at this time). The swelling of the stem vacuole will make the meat use the original few organics to construct the stem cells, thus causing the stem to grow in vain.

Solution: water as much light as you have. The greenhouse is also for indoor cultivation, but the fast growth of meat there is because people have dozens of times more light than you. Don't rush to water and grow faster. Those who preach that it's impossible to get caught in the rain are exposed meat. You should be extremely restrained.

Stone lotus with too much water

The fourth reason is that the root is not breathing well;

In fact, this situation is similar to that caused by excessive water. After all, most of the root dyspnea is caused by too much water. However, the analysis of its internal mechanism is not the same, so we need to talk about it alone.

As we have said before, because meat lives in dry mountain areas, their leaves have very weak breathing ability (to keep water in the daytime and close pores, and to collect carbon dioxide in the evening). Therefore, the important task of breathing is entrusted to the root. After all, the root is in a cool underground world, without wind and sun.

That's the problem. When the roots of meat are hard to breathe, the whole plant will be suffocated. In the case of anoxia, the level of life activity of meat is greatly reduced, and photosynthesis is also slowed down. The organic matter produced will also be preferentially supplied to the stem (the stem is the hinge). At this point, we should all understand that this must cause the stem to grow in vain.

Solution: the way to avoid this situation is actually simple. Control water and ventilate. Otherwise, even if it doesn't take too long, it will turn into water or black rot, and there are a series of problems.

Flesh that does not breathe well at the root

The fifth reason is that the position of succulent plants is not good;

This is not superstition, it's true. To put it in a common sense, it's the ineffectiveness caused by the phototropism of meat.

For example, your meat is placed on the table beside the windowsill, and the first sunshine of breakfast can only illuminate the head of the meat. Hey hey, if you were it, would you stretch your neck to get more sun? It will, right. Check it out quickly. It's the most easy to avoid and often overlooked.

Succulent plants grow to one side in vain due to poor placement

Conclusion: the above is about the reasons for the overgrowth of succulent plants and the corresponding solutions. Pay attention! If your meat is spread, it can be recovered, but once it happens, it is irreversible and extremely fast.

But if it has already happened, don't be depressed, or even have reason to be happy, because you have already taken the first step of cultivating modeling meat. When this meat is rejuvenated again, it will show you another kind of beauty.