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How to breed a fleshy rainbow: like sunny, cool and dry environment

Rainbow, a beautiful word for people. Today, let's learn about the rainbow in succulent plants - Purple Pearl. What is the breeding method of rainbow? Let's read on!

Basic knowledge of succulent plant rainbow succulent rainbow: succulent plant rainbow is the purple pearl brocade variety, also known as purple pearl brocade, which belongs to small and medium-sized succulent varieties. Under the condition of strong light or large temperature difference, the leaves are easy to appear beautiful tender pink, and the part with brocade will be more obvious. When the light is weak, the leaves will be light gray red, the leaves will be elongated, and the color will be dimmer. How to breed rainbow: rainbow of succulent plant is suitable for curing in sunny, cool and dry environment. It can endure half shade, avoid waterlogging, avoid sultry and damp. It grows in cold and cool season, sleeps in high temperature in summer, and grows in daily maintenance. If the light is insufficient, the leaves will grow longer, and the pink will fade away. The plants growing in sunny place are short Strong, blade arrangement will be compact.

Fleshy rainbow

During the growth period, the soil should be kept moist to avoid water accumulation. Rainbow can withstand the low temperature of about - 4 ℃, which is indoor temperature. If it is not in the open air, then the growth point at the top of the leaf will be frostbitten, dry and die. In the whole winter, the water is basically cut off, and the water will be cut off slowly below 5 ℃. In summer, the whole plant grows slowly or stops completely in high temperature. At this time, it must be well ventilated and properly shaded to avoid exposure to the sun, moderate watering and long-term rain, so as to prevent the plant from rotting.

The propagation of rainbow is generally to cut off the head and explode the young cutting and leaf cutting. The cut plants can be directly cut in the dry granular soil, and a small amount of water can be supplied after rooting. The leaf cutting method is to take full leaves, put them in the shade to dry the wounds, and then put them on the slightly wet soil. It will slowly grow roots and sprout. The process is a little long, but you can get a lot of small lateral buds. When the lateral buds grow up, you can take off the cuttings.

Fleshy rainbow