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Breeding method of fleshy black claw: avoid stagnant water and sultry humidity

Among animals, we often hear the most about chicken feet, duck feet, goose feet, etc. In succulent plants, there are also black claws, green claws, red claws, etc. Today, Xiaobian will take you to learn the cultivation method of black claw. Of course, green claw and red claw can also be referred to because their maintenance methods are basically the same. Let's read on and learn!

The cultivation method of the black claw: the black claw is a succulent plant of the genus pseudocerasus in the Sedum family. Its growth period is in the spring and autumn. When it is in high temperature in summer, it will enter into dormancy. When the light is enhanced or the temperature difference between day and night is large, or when it is in low temperature in winter, the leaf color will be white green, the leaf tip will be black red, and when the light is weak, the leaf color will be light blue green. There is white powder on the leaf, black claw needs enough sunshine to make the leaf color gorgeous, and the plant type will be more compact and beautiful. If there is too little sunshine, the leaves will be light and loose. The leaves will be arranged in order under good light. After many years of group growth, the plants will also be very spectacular. The black claws are spikes with slightly yellow flowers and five lobed tips.

Black claw likes sunny, cool and dry environment, can endure half shade, is afraid of water logging, is not sultry and humid, these conditions can also be said to be the common characteristics of most of the Crassulaceae succulent plants.

Black claw of succulent plant

During the growth period of black claw, the soil should be kept moist to avoid water accumulation. The black claw can withstand the room temperature of about - 4 ℃, and then the top growth point of the leaf will be frostbitten, dry and die. The whole winter will be basically dry, and the water will be slowly cut off below 5 ℃.

In summer, the whole plant grows slowly or stops completely in high temperature. At this time, it should be well ventilated and properly shaded to avoid exposure to the sun, moderate watering and long-term rain, so as to prevent the plant from rotting.

The propagation of black claw is generally to cut off the head and explode the young or cut the leaves. The cut plants can be directly cut in the dry granular soil. After a few days, a small amount of water will be supplied, which is easy to root. The cutting of leaves is a little slow. Take down the full leaves, put them in the shade to dry the wounds, and then put them on the soil. The soil should not be too wet, just a little humidity. It will slowly sprout and grow new plants 。

Black claw of succulent plant