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Cultivation method of Zili Hall: like sunny, cool and dry environment

Zili hall, a kind of succulent plant, is the most beautiful only in winter. More sun, its color will turn purple, very beautiful. Today, let's learn about the beautiful Purple Palace in winter! What is its breeding method? Let's read on!

Breeding methods of Purple Palace: the habits of Purple Palace are similar to those of other succulent plants of the genus pachytum. It is suitable to grow in sunny, cool and dry environment, resistant to drought, slightly resistant to half shade and cold, and avoid humidity, high temperature and sultry heat. It is suitable for the soil with good drainage and the mixture of sand and small stones.

The Purple Palace is an artificial cultivated variety of the thick leaf grass. The leaves are closely arranged in sufficient sunlight, the leaves will be slightly purple, the weak light will be light blue-green, the leaves will be narrow and long, the distance between the leaves will be elongated in vain, and the Purple Palace will blossom in early summer, and can cross pollinate.

There is no obvious dormancy period in Zili hall. It can be illuminated all day. In summer, it can be ventilated and sunshaded. Water is supplied 3 to 4 times a month. A small amount of water is supplied at the edge of the basin to spend the midsummer slowly. It is OK to keep the root system of the plant from drying out due to excessive dryness. When the temperature is lower than 3 degrees in winter, the water should be reduced gradually. When the temperature is lower than 0 degrees, the basin soil should be kept dry as much as possible, not lower than 5 degrees below zero. In this way, we can live a safe winter. In winter, we should try our best to reduce the amount of water. In spring, water supply should be gradual or rotten roots may appear.

Purple Palace

Purple Palace is a kind of better breed, without obvious diseases and insect pests. When the water is too abundant or the seasonal water is too much, it's easier to fall off by gently touching the leaves. With less water or gradual water supply, you can avoid falling the leaves as much as possible. The fallen leaves can be inserted into leaves only when they are full, which is very easy to live.

It's easy to grow side branches after cutting off the head in Zili hall. If you don't cut off the head, you can keep it all the time. The old stem of the plant will grow very long, and then it will start to branch. In order to be more beautiful, you should cut off the head and sprout side buds when it's about the same length, so that the plants will be beautiful.

The propagation methods of Zili hall mainly include sowing and dividing plants, cutting heads and cutting leaves.

Purple Palace