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Effect and function of strawberry, with notes for eating

Strawberry is a popular fruit in this season. Many people like strawberry very much. They think strawberry has a good sour and sweet taste. But what do strawberries do? What are the functions of strawberry? Dear, you must also want to know. So let's read on^_^

Efficacy of strawberry: Ingredients: the berry is rich in nutrition and various effective ingredients. The vitamin C60 mg per hectare of fresh fruit meat is higher than that of apples and grapes. The pulp contains a lot of carbohydrate, protein, organic acid, pectin and other nutrients. In addition, strawberry is rich in vitamin B1, B2, C, PP, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, zinc, chromium and other essential minerals and some trace elements.

Sexual taste: cool, sweet and sour

Meridian tropism: spleen, lung

Efficacy: treatment of diarrhea, fever, oral ulcers and gums and other diseases; has antioxidant effect, can scavenge free radicals, inhibit cancer cell formation, improve human immunity; eat strawberries can cultivate patience; strawberry has whitening moisturizing beauty effect; milk strawberry mask can prevent dry skin; strawberry has the effect of whitening teeth; help eliminate, fresh breath, moistening throat skin. The function of strawberry: sweet, sour, cool, lung and spleen meridian. It has the functions of moistening lung, promoting body fluid, invigorating spleen, relieving heat, relieving fever, diuresis and thirst; it is mainly used to treat wind heat cough, erosion of tongue, swelling of throat, constipation, hypertension and other diseases.

1. Eyesight

The carotene contained in strawberry is an important substance for the synthesis of vitamin A, which has the effect of eye-catching and liver nourishing.

2. Nourishing and conditioning

Strawberry has certain tonic and conditioning effects on gastrointestinal tract and anemia.

3. Reduce blood lipid

Strawberry can not only prevent scurvy, but also cure arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

4. Cancer prevention

It can absorb and prevent the absorption of carcinogenic chemicals in the body and has the function of preventing cancer.

5. Remove toxic substances

It can naturally and peacefully remove heavy metal ions in the body.

6. Health care

Women often eat strawberries, skin, hair have health care.

7. Lose weight

Because it contains a substance called aspartic acid, which can naturally and smoothly remove the "slag" in the body.

8. Aid digestion

It contains a lot of pectin and cellulose, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help digestion, improve constipation, and prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids and colorectal cancer.

Precautions for strawberry: eating taboo:

1. Do not buy deformed strawberries. The normal growing strawberries are heart-shaped in appearance, but some strawberries are bright and big in color, with abnormal bulges on the particles, and hollow in the middle after biting. This kind of abnormal berry is often caused by the abuse of hormones in the planting process. Long term consumption of such fruits in large quantities may damage human health. Pregnant women and children, in particular, should not eat malformed berries.

2. Because strawberry is a low grass plant, it is easy to be polluted by soil and bacteria even though it is cultivated and grown in mulch, so it is necessary to "clean" strawberry before entering.

3. People with urinary calculi and poor renal function should not eat more, because strawberry contains more calcium oxalate, too much eating will aggravate the patient's condition.


Before eating strawberries, you must wash them. Planting strawberries often uses pesticides. Before eating, you must clean them.

1. Rinse with tap water first, and the flowing water can prevent the pesticide from permeating into the fruit.

2. Then it's best to soak in light salt water or rice washing water for 5 minutes. Salt water can kill microorganisms and rice washing water can degrade pesticides.

3. Do not remove the strawberry stem when washing, otherwise the pesticide will pollute the fruit more seriously.

4. Do not soak strawberries in detergent to cause secondary pollution.

Knowledge expansion of strawberry and strawberry: eating methods

strawberry juice

Materials: Strawberry 100 grams, yogurt 1/2 cup, lemon 1/3, ice 1--2, sugar 1 small teaspoon.

Method: peel strawberries and lemons, put them all into the press to extract juice, and mix them with yogurt. Then pour it into the glass, and put in the ice and the dessert.

Efficacy: strawberry is the fruit with the highest vitamin C content. It has a good effect on facial blisters and acne. When acne is rampant on your face or body, please drink more. Frozen strawberry

Ingredients: strawberry, sugar, cold boiled water.


1. Wash and remove strawberries;

2. Mix the sugar water according to the concentration of 40%;

3. Put the washed strawberries in sugar water and soak for 5 minutes;

4. Remove the strawberries and drain the water;

5. Put the processed strawberries into a container and put them into a refrigerator freezer for freezing.

Strawberry jam

Ingredients: 300g fresh strawberry, 180g fine sugar and 20g lemon juice.


1. Wash and dry strawberries. Cut them with a knife. Cut small strawberries into two halves. Cut big strawberries into four halves. Add sugar in strawberries.

2. Mix well with chopsticks, make the sugar evenly attached to the strawberry, cover with fresh-keeping film, and refrigerate for more than 3 hours.

3. After cold storage, the moisture in the strawberry will exude, so we can go on to the next step.

4. Put the strawberries and the exuded water into the pot, stir fry in high heat.

5. Stir fry until the strawberries are soft, then simmer over medium heat.

6. When stir fry until thick, turn off the heat and add lemon juice. Stir well, and the jam will be stir fried.

7. Put the jam in a clean container and seal it in the refrigerator.

Strawberry cereal

Ingredients: 50g oatmeal, 10g strawberry, a little honey.


1. Remove the strawberries, wash them, cut them into small pieces, mash them for use.

2. Set the pot on fire, add some water, first put oatmeal and strawberry into the pot, then turn into a small fire and cook until the porridge is ready, and then put honey into the pot and stir evenly, then the pot can be put into a bowl.

Efficacy: nourish and strengthen the body, moisturize the skin.

Strawberry milk oatmeal

Ingredients: 100 cc whole milk, 2 tbsp instant oatmeal, 1 tbsp strawberry jam.

Method: pour the milk into a small pot, add oatmeal and strawberry jam, stir well, heat with a small fire, do not need to boil, until the milk is not frozen, cool off the fire, and eat the oatmeal after it is completely softened.

Strawberry cleaning method

1. Wash the surface of strawberry with running water for several minutes to remove most of the bacteria, pesticides and other pollutants.

2. Soak the strawberries in the rice washing water for 3 minutes. The alkaline rice washing water can decompose the pesticides.

3、 Go to a small basin of water, add the right amount of salt, make a light salt water, and dip the strawberry into it for 3 minutes.

4. Rinse with running water.

5. Rinse the strawberries with cold boiled water, and they will be clean.

Strawberry women eat more strawberries to prevent heart disease

Women who ate at least three servings of strawberries and blueberries a week had a lower risk of heart disease, with an average risk reduction of 32%. The study found that women who often eat strawberries and blueberries have healthier eating and living habits, such as more exercise and non-smoking, which is believed to be the reason for their lower risk of heart disease.