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In 10 years, the flower loving husband and wife have built 2 acres of leafy gardens for their childr

"Only when two people do something with the same passion can we make it easier and happier. Only when we do gardening together can we make this garden really belong to two people. "

Toni and John christinson think gardening is a way of life. During the day, they run christinson's nursery and greenhouse. Their nursery is known as the most popular nursery in Mount Vernon, Washington. Near the farm on Ridge Road, the two further indulged their hobbies and surrounded their renovated farm with beautiful and productive gardens. In less than ten years, the couple left a paradise garden full of flowers and leaves for themselves and their descendants, occupying their two acres of land.

although Toni and John love gardening, they have their own plants, tools and planting methods. If two people quarrel with each other, we know the consequences will be serious. But their solution is simple: separate the yard and operate their own parts. Generally speaking, when it comes to taking care of the garden and farm, we can work together without you or me. After all, there are many things in the nursery. "When a person is very engaged in an interest, it's a happy thing to have a partner who has the same interest, or you'll be alone," Toni said. It's like marrying a musician who plays the cello all day and you don't understand music. How boring that is. "

A part of the corridor is covered by climbing rose "Bobby James" and Shanmei.

The large arc-shaped corridor is decorated elegantly and has a pleasant view. It is the family's favorite party place.

The greenhouse with white edge is a beautiful landscape in the round garden.

The path paved with slate is side by side with fragrant rose, shrub chrysanthemum and mallow.

The garden style farms run by the couple are located in the best places, with views of the skaki Canyon, waterfalls and the Beck mountains. But when Toni and John started, the rocky mountain areas were not as fertile as the low-lying soil, which is famous for its abundance, so they planned to start by improving the soil. The first major planting project was a small fruit forest with apples, cherries, pears and plums, followed by an annual and perennial vegetable garden and a pulp orchard with blackberries, raspberries and strawberries. Now the first thing you can see is the garden of ornamental plants, which contains Toni's and John's favorite plants and their gardening styles. John chose suitable plants around the farm. Under the influence of the Northwest Atlantic climate, Rhododendron, large trees, ferns and Hosta grow vigorously. At the same time, he also introduced some foliage plants, such as black leaf "grace" shrubs, feathery black edge elderberries, and "Firefox" Lianxiang trees.

There is no perennial plant more elegant than "Galahad" hybrid Delphinium.

The large Birdhouse in the garden provides a habitat for pigeons on the farm.

The fragrant peas in the vegetable garden grow along the metal ornaments inserted in the soil.

Let the color change with the seasons. Toni's favorite flowering plants and aromatic plants are all arranged in the closest place to the residence. In the front, along the edge are the representatives of rural style garden plants: iris, delphinium, carnation, hydrangea, rose, as well as non-traditional plants: blue lotus, boxwood, rock cabbage and other evergreen plants. "It's an evergreen garden with all colors." Toni explained. Behind the house, there are still many plants in different seasons, but the color is more conservative. Mainly white, surrounded by green lawn and sporadic gray, green leaves. Although the country style garden is somewhat separated from the white themed garden, the strong floral fragrance and the repetition of favorite plants connect the two areas. No matter how many things need to be dealt with in the nursery, how many people need to be raised in the family, and how many animals need to be looked after in the pen, Toni and John can still find time to cook in the garden and look after their orchard. Large farms give them busy life, but also give them fun in life, such as homemade cider, homemade applesauce and so on. "We love what we do now," says Toni

The flower house is next to the vegetable garden, providing fresh and delicious organic vegetables for the family. The raised seedling pool is made of recycled concrete stones.

The antennae of climbing rose have spread to the flower house, and almost all the materials used to build the flower house are recyclable.

The geranium and ivy planted in the old flowerpot welcome visitors with their own colors.

▲ outside the vegetable garden, the scene composed of white lotus and hen and chicken ornaments has a unique flavor. The hostess jokingly said that it is to pay homage to all the egg laying workers on the farm.

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