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Gardening tips for new flower breeders

According to the lighting conditions at home, choose the appropriate plants ★

First of all, determine the direction of the window, and pay attention to see if there are any obstructions outside the window, such as trees, walls, etc., because they will block part of the sun.

face south

There's plenty of light all day. Almost all plants are suitable for this kind of environment. Just remember to put them away from the window.

Suggested planting: cactus, taro, Oxalis, Begonia and Germanic dwarf lemon trees, which can blossom or bear fruit.

East / West

When the amount of light is normal, plants can be placed closer to the window.

It is suggested to plant: cold water flower, Douban green, palm tree, Dracaena, tropical banyan and fern.


When the amount of light is small, try to choose some plants that don't like the sun. You can put them on the windowsill directly.

It is suggested to plant: goldenrod, cirrus, tall flour flower, evergreen, white crane taro and money tree.

★ try to avoid direct exposure of plants to strong light ★

In summer, if the skin is exposed directly to the strong ultraviolet rays, it will have obvious burning sensation. For green plants, the same can be caused by intense ultraviolet light and discomfort. In order to prevent the plants from scorching, you can block a veil curtain, or put the plants 30 cm away from the window.

Daylighting conditions

If your room is not well lit, it's best to plant some shade loving plants. If possible, move it to a sunny house every other week for sun exposure.

It is suggested to plant: goldenrod and goldenrod, because their texture is firm and hard to lose water.

Consider details such as your schedule and attendance probability

I believe that no one would like to see the loss of their beloved green plants due to their momentary negligence. Those plants with long-term drought tolerance, such as succulent plants and cacti, would be a good choice. However, please note that sometimes too careful care makes it difficult for plants to survive.

Too much water is the most likely cause of plant death

You may like to water it regularly, but in fact, watering when the plant needs most is the best care for it. Please check the water content of the soil before watering. If your plant leaves wilt and the soil hardens, it must be short of water. If the soil is very dark and feels sticky, it means that the soil moisture content is just good.

Correct watering method

When watering, first open the leaves and pour them on the bottom of the flowerpot until the water begins to seep out. Let the plant stand for half an hour, so that it has enough time to drink enough water, and finally remember to pour out the excess water in the tray.