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Hyacinth flower language: must understand when making gift

Purple Hyacinth

Hyacinth has always been loved by Westerners. It represents a strong desire to spend life. In different colors of hyacinth, the meaning is also different. Therefore, when choosing hyacinth as a gift, you must understand the flower language of hyacinth. The following small editor according to the hyacinth color different to introduce it represents the different flower meaning!

Hyacinth: always miss. As long as you light the fire of life, you can enjoy the rich life hyacinth;

Purple hyacinth: sad, melancholy love. Apologize, regret. Get my love, you will be happy;

Pink hyacinth: adoration, romance. Happiness;

Lavender hyacinth: gentle temperament, romantic feelings. Sadness;

White hyacinth: secret love, pure and light or dare not show love;

Red hyacinth: Thank you for your touching love (your love fills my heart);

Pink hyacinth: on behalf of enthusiasm;

Yellow hyacinth: I am very happy with you;

Blue hyacinth: noble and rich, perseverance, chastity, as if to see you as happy;

Dark blue hyacinth: some melancholy because of love;

Light green hyacinth: if you want to have no secret, you must have a good heart first.

Hyacinth of all colors