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The function of Jiuqi tea: it has the functions of Tonifying the kidney, nourishing the liver, diure

The main components of leek tea are highly concentrated leek seed extract, highly concentrated medlar extract and natural green tea. It tastes like green tea, but it absorbs the effect of leek. So what's the function of leek tea? Let's read on~

Jiuqi tea, Jiuqi tea functions: 1. Invigorating the kidney and warming the Yang: the seeds of leek contained in Jiuqi tea have the functions of invigorating the kidney and nourishing the Yang, so it can be used to treat impotence, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation and other diseases;

2. Nourishing the liver, nourishing the kidney and moistening the lung: Ningxia wolfberry contained in Jiuqi tea is sweet in taste; it has the functions of nourishing the liver, nourishing the kidney and moistening the lung, so it can be used for deficiency of the liver and the kidney; dizziness; unclear vision; aching waist and knees; impotence and spermatorrhea; fatigue and cough; thirst elimination and drinking.

3. Diuresis and relieve fatigue: green tea contained in Jiuqi tea is helpful for diuresis and relieve fatigue. Caffeine in tea can stimulate the kidney, promote the rapid excretion of urine out of the body, improve the filtration rate of the kidney, and reduce the retention time of harmful substances in the kidney. Caffeine can also eliminate excessive lactic acid in urine, which helps to eliminate fatigue as soon as possible. Extraction technology of Jiuqi tea: the method of low-temperature extraction is adopted for Jiuqi tea, which not only does not destroy the effective components, but also can fully extract them, at the same time, it does not pollute the effective components in the extraction process. After the boiling water is brewed, replace the tea. Can repeatedly add water, until colorless. The rest of the tea is chewable.

Although leek seed, wolfberry and green tea are all natural foods that have been inherited for thousands of years by the traditional dietetic circle of our country, leek seed was only a simple original product soaked in the form of tea products in the past because of its bad taste and insufficient consumption. A few grams of leek seeds, a few wolfberry, soaked in water for more than ten minutes on behalf of tea, in fact, this method is very unscientific. Because the effective ingredients of leek seed and wolfberry can not be fully dissolved at all. In addition to the natural smell of leek seeds, it's hard to swallow, and the quantity is not enough, let alone long-term tea drinking. Jiuqi tea is an expert of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Through multiple tests and analysis of the effective ingredients of leek seeds and wolfberry, combined with the principle of combining hardness and softness with economy and micro ferocity in traditional diet science, these more suitable foods for men are combined together, which is equivalent to eating 100g of original ecological leek seeds and wolfberry every day.

Jiuqi tea expand knowledge - identify the authenticity of Jiuqi tea 1. Carefully read the pictures in the encyclopedia, and see the place of origin and brand clearly.

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