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The cultivation method of the succulent plant Chihuahua: control the water content, or it will easil

Chihuahua, in addition to being a breed of dog, is also a type of succulent plant. There are many flower friends on the Internet looking for the cultivation methods and maintenance information of Chihuahua. Xiaobian specially collected the cultivation strategy of a senior flower friend's Chihuahua. I hope this strategy can help you.

The basic information of Chihuahua: Chihuahua is a kind of succulent plant, which is also called Yang Guifei. It is a small and medium-sized variety. The plant is not too big and has short stems. It grows slowly and gradually to form old piles with the growth of time. The leaf is obviously thicker, the leaf tip is easy to get red, the leaf tip is sharp, the temperature difference between strong light and day and night is large, or the leaf tip is at low temperature in winter It can be purple red or crimson. When the light is weak, the leaves are light pink and blue. The surface of the leaves is covered with tiny white powder. The old leaves are smooth after the white powder falls. The flower heads are Chihuahua spikes. The flowers are bell shaped and yellow red.

Cultivation method of Chihuahua: Chihuahua needs enough sunshine to be bright and beautiful, and its plant type will be more compact and beautiful. When there is too little sunshine, the leaf color will be light, and the leaves will be loose and elongated. Chihuahua is a small and medium-sized plant. With the growth state, the basin can be changed once a few years. The basin diameter can be 1-2 inches larger than the plant diameter, which can promote the plant growth. The medium must be dried before watering In order to apply slow effect fertilizer, the method of leaf cutting and decapitation can be used for propagation, and sowing can also be used. The cutting can be carried out all year round, and the leaves should be cut with thick leaves.

The experience of breeding Chihuahua with succulent plant: if your Chihuahua is raised in the sunlight room, once the temperature is higher than 35 ℃, it will move to the bright scattered light and slowly cut off the water. During the summer dormancy period, there is little or no water supply. When the temperature falls in the middle of September, it will slowly resume watering. The Chihuahua that adapts to the sunlight room can grow normally in summer, and does not sleep It's too obvious, but don't get water to the leaf center, or it will hang in summer.

If the temperature can be maintained above 0 ℃ in winter, water supply can be provided. If the temperature is below 0 ℃, water will be cut off, otherwise it will be easy to frostbite. Although it is cold in winter, it does not give a little water in winter. It also gives water at the right time at the right time at the root of the plant. Do not spray or give the water. The moisture in the leaf heart stays too long, which is easy to cause rot. After the temperature rises in spring, the normal water supply can be restored slowly.

Chihuahua is still a very good breed. In the four seasons, in addition to summer, it is necessary to pay attention to proper sunshade. In other seasons, it can be taken all day long. It needs to be noted that although Chihuahua is good at raising, it is still necessary to control the water content, otherwise it is easy to rot roots. Soil I (Senior Huayou) use peat mixed with particles of coal slag river sand, etc. the soil surface is laid with clean particles of river sand, with the soil mainly for ventilation.

Succulent Chihuahua