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How to plant dandelion seeds: dandelion seeds have no dormancy and can be sown above 15 degrees

Dandelion is a perennial herb of Compositae. It has a head like inflorescence, and the seeds have a ball of white crown hair. After the flowers bloom, they float in the wind, and then take root and sprout where they fall to the ground. Dandelions are widely distributed. They can be seen in hillside grassland, roadside, field, beach and other places in low altitude areas. Of course, many flower friends also try to plant their own, and want to know how to plant dandelion seeds. Today, Xiaobian sorted out some methods for planting dandelion seeds.

Dandelion flying in the wind

How to plant dandelion seeds? Mature dandelion seeds have no dormancy period. When the temperature is above 15 ℃, the seeds can be sown in moist soil. It can germinate after about 90 hours. Seeds germinate faster when the soil temperature is about 15 degrees, and slow when the temperature is more than 25-30 degrees. Therefore, seeds can be sown from early spring to midsummer. The following are the specific operation steps for planting dandelion seeds:

1. Seed collection

To plant dandelion, we first need to get dandelion seeds. We all know that dandelion seeds are like fluff, and will go with the wind when blown gently, so the seed collection time of dandelion is very important. Generally, the seeds of dandelion mature 13-15 days after flowering. The shell of dandelion disk changes from green to yellow green, and the seeds can be harvested when they change from milky white to brown. Do not harvest them when the disk cracks, otherwise the seeds are easy to fly away and lose.

2. Sowing

At the end of May, seeds are sown immediately after harvesting, and it takes 10-20 days from sowing to emergence; When sowing is postponed to July August in summer, it takes 15 days from sowing to emergence,

The seeds of dandelion are sown in the basin and covered with soil after sowing, with a soil thickness of 0.3-0.5 cm. When sowing, the soil shall be wet. If the soil is dry, it shall be watered two days before sowing. Film mulching is best for spring sowing, but not for summer sowing with sufficient rain.

3. Fertilizer and water management

Dandelion has strong disease resistance, drought resistance and insect resistance. Generally, it does not need to carry out pest control, mainly fertilizer and water. Although dandelion has no strict requirements on soil conditions, it still likes fertile, moist, loose and high organic matter soil. Therefore, when planting dandelion, ammonium nitrate should be used as base fertilizer. After sowing, always keep the soil with appropriate moisture. In the growing season, topdressing should be carried out 1-2 times.

4. Harvest

When harvesting, you can pick and dig with a hook knife or small knife, cut parallel along the surface 1 ~ 1.5cm, and retain the underground roots to grow new buds. Pick the big plants first, and leave the medium and small plants to continue to grow; It can also be harvested like celery leaves in some places in Northeast China, but the leaves are scattered and do not form leaf bundles. Yield per unit area: open field cultivation, with an average yield of 0.8 ~ 1.0kg per square meter; Greenhouse cultivation, with an average yield of 1.2 ~ 1.7 kg per square meter; Greenhouse cultivation, with an average yield of 1.5 ~ 2.4 kg per square meter.

Dandelion Dandelion plant culture legend of dandelion (Part one)

It is said that a long time ago, a 16-year-old girl suffered from breast carbuncle. Her breast was red and swollen, and the pain was unbearable. But she was ashamed to speak and had to bear it. Her mother knew about it. In feudal society, I never heard that a big girl would suffer from breast carbuncle. I thought my daughter had done something shady. When the girl saw that her mother doubted her chastity, was ashamed and angry, and had no face to see others, she secretly escaped from her home at night and committed suicide in a river. It happened that there was a fishing boat by the river. A husband surnamed Pu and his daughter Xiaoying were fishing in the moonlight. They rescued the girl and asked why they threw themselves into the river. The next day, according to her father's instructions, Xiaoying dug a kind of grass from the mountain, washed it, mashed it into mud, applied it to the girl's breast carbuncle, and soon recovered. Later, the girl brought the grass back to her home for planting. In memory of the fisherman's father and daughter, this wild grass is called dandelion.