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Plum blossom Poetry: a complete collection of poems chanting plum blossoms

Plum blossom is the symbol of hermit and scholar. Plum blossom is one of the three friends of winter and the first of the four gentlemen in the flower. Since ancient times, people have praised its proud spirit, its loneliness and its noble beauty of not competing with flowers for spring. People have written a lot of poems for it. This paper briefly introduces it.

A complete collection of plum blossom poems "white plum" Author: Wang Mian (Yuan Dynasty) wrote this body in the ice and snow forest. Different peaches and plums mixed with fragrant dust. Suddenly, the fragrance of the night spread into the spring of heaven and earth.

Analysis: from the perspective of the great conception skills of poetry, this is a work of "expressing one's ambition by relying on things". The poet describes himself with plum blossoms and expresses his lofty ambition of sticking to his sentiment and not associating with the secular world by virtue of the purity of plum blossoms. In the specific means of expression, the poem compares the ordinary peaches and plums mixed with the world and the white plums in the ice and snow forest, so as to set off the simplicity, elegance and purity of plum blossoms. Through reading and analysis, we know that the main artistic techniques of this song are: supporting things and expressing aspirations, contrast and foil《 Author of plum: Wang Qi (Song Dynasty) is free from dust and willing to live in a bamboo fence and thatched cottage. Only because he misunderstood Lin Hejing, the poet talked about this.

Analysis: Lin Hejing mentioned in the poem refers to the Song Dynasty poet Lin Fu, who lived in seclusion in the lonely mountain Meiling at the end of Shenzong and often released cranes in the lake. He was solemn and comfortable. He is known as "plum wife and crane son". He is a detached scholar. Plum blossom is also known as Chimonanthus. In severe winter, all flowers wither and smell alone. It symbolizes purity and constancy《 Plum blossom quatrains Author: Lu You (Song Dynasty) heard that plum blossoms crack in the morning wind, and snowdrifts are all over the four mountains. Who can incarnate a hundred billion? A plum blossom and a wild man.

Analysis: Lu You has written many poems on plum blossom, which is a new one. The first two sentences are about the blossom of plum blossoms. The snow piled mountain is a metaphor for the prosperity of plum blossoms, with distinctive language and open scene. The third and fourth sentences are even more unexpected, gaomai refined: I wish to incarnate hundreds of billions of Lu You, and there is a plum blossom in front of each Lu You, which vividly expresses the obsessed love of Mei《 Yang Liuzhi Ci by Liu Yuxi (Song Dynasty), plum blossom and Qiang flute in the north of the Great Wall, and osmanthus Hill CI in Huainan. Please don't play the song of the former dynasty and listen to the singing of the newly turned poplar and willow branches.

Analysis: looking at the beautiful time of spring, it is the pavilions that are reflected in a light yellow and light green color( Why is spring the first to visit here Because the scenery here is pleasant and the willows are colorful, just like amorous girls, they are first discovered by the spring breeze and constantly loved and caressed《 Author of early plum: Liu Zongyuan (Tang Dynasty) early plum blossoms grow tall and reflect the green sky. The new wind is fragrant at night, and the frost is white at dawn. If you want to give it to thousands of miles, you will be separated by mountains and rivers. Why should Han Ying comfort distant visitors when she sits and sells.

Analysis: plum blossom is proud of frost, snow and cold. It has always been the object of poets' singing, and plum is often used to describe itself to express the author's interest. Liu Zongyuan is just like this. In his poem "early plum", by describing the early opening of plum blossoms in the severe frost and cold wind, Liu Zongyuan shows his arrogant and noble character and indomitable struggle spirit《 Author of Jiang Mei: Du Fu (Tang Dynasty) Mei Rui was broken before the wax, and there were many plum blossoms after the year. Jue knows that spring is good. What do you worry about most? Snow trees are of the same color as yuan, and the river wind is also self wave. The hometown is invisible, and the witches are gloomy and steep.

Analysis: plum blossoms bloom before the twelfth lunar month. In the second half of the year, plum blossoms bloom the most. Although it is known that spring is good, how can the sadness of living in a foreign land be exhausted? Snow and winter trees are the same color as they are, and the wind on the river seems to dance waves. It's hard to see my hometown again, and the towering and rugged Wushan mountain will never be seen again《 Wang Wei (Tang Dynasty) has seen the plum blossom and heard the birds singing again. Worry about the spring grass and fear the Jade Terrace.

Analysis: with the progression of time sequence and the change of phenology, because the scenery is wasted and can not be fulfilled as scheduled, it is the spring symbolizing youth and love and the thriving spring that has also undergone qualitative changes. Plum blossoms are in bloom, early spring has passed, a hundred birds are singing, and mid spring has flown away. Now it was the late spring when the warblers were flying and the grass was growing. When she saw the more and more lush spring grass, she could not help but be frightened《 New plum planting Author: Bai Juyi (Tang Dynasty) planted seven new plum trees by the pond. I want to check them at the flower time. Don't be afraid of the jealousy of Taoli in Changzhou. It's good for you this year.

Analysis: there are seven plum blossoms by the pool. The flower time has arrived and they want to open in the wind. The flowering period of peaches and plums is still far away. The poet can't help sighing, plum blossom, don't be afraid of the jealousy of peaches and plums, just open it first in order to make you appreciate it《 See plum blossoms in Fufeng world from mid November by Li Shangyin (Tang Dynasty) zalu is beautiful and fragrant. Su'e is only with the moon, and the young woman does not spare frost. Give away empty and surplus hands, hurt and break intestines. For whom? No need to be nianfang《 First acquaintance with plum blossom Author: Lu Zhuan (Tang Dynasty) the north of the Yangtze River is not as warm as the south, and the south of the Yangtze River is easy to break the intestines of people in the north. Rouge, peach cheek, pear pollen, make up one side of Hanmei《 The flowers in the backyard in full bloom in November II by Cai Xiang (Song Dynasty) the sun is warm and fragrant. It has been in full bloom for thousands of times. Spring breeze is not sentimental thinking, accompanied by flowers go and come again《 In the second rhyme, the jade and early plum is written by Huang Tingjian (Song Dynasty). Luo Wencui leaves deep care, which has been learned by the bee saint《 Author of red plum: Su Shi (Song Dynasty) believed in red plum every year, and the river bank hung and wanted to open. Cherish the amorous Guan Yiling and send spring to Zhihe root《 Author of red plum: Wang Shipeng (Song Dynasty) don't be jealous of peaches and plums, but their appearance is different from that of Yuan Dynasty. I'm still in a state of snow and frost, but I'm not very red.