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Correct posture of online orchid shopping: polish your eyes, not impatient, not greedy for small and

With the development of network technology, online shopping seems to be the trend of modern shopping. For flower friends, online shopping for orchids has also become the most channel for many orchids. However, in the face of all kinds of visible and untouchable orchids, they seem so powerless that they will be cheated if they don't pay attention. Speaking of being cheated, Lanyou can be described as a bitter tear ~ the following Xiaobian summarizes some skills (experience) about online shopping for orchids, Hope to be helpful to Lanyou.

Correct posture of online orchid shopping

Correct posture of online orchid shopping

Online orchid shopping usually has the following situations: one is to buy Lanyou in the forum or from the forum merchant; Another situation is to search and buy directly in a treasure. In both cases, you can't say which is the most reliable. There will be good merchants and unreliable merchants in both cases, so you need to polish your eyes in the end. Don't be impatient and greedy for small and cheap;

1、 The selection of origin (orchids are not produced all over the country, so flower friends should pay attention to it). I basically don't look at the goods in some places, because the water there is too deep. Although there are good sellers, it's too difficult to choose.

2、 You can buy the grass of relevant famous experts or the goods of moderators in professional forums. Although the grass is more expensive, it is very guaranteed for the variety. Orchids are also easier to grow, so that they will not be inferior from generation to generation.

3、 If it is purchased by the forum, it must depend on the registration time. The longer the registration time, the more reassuring. After a long time of screening, the swindlers are almost the same.

4、 You can search the seller's posting records and other people's comments on the seller, and see the relevant posts of the grass sold by the seller over the years. Look at flowers and buy grass. Grass like da Fugui is too deep. It's easy to buy counterfeit.

5、 Look at reputation. Although reputation is one of the reference factors, it does not mean that you can fully believe in reputation (especially Taobao). Orchid sellers do not have the higher reputation, the better. Instead, they should be vigilant about their grass origin and breeding methods. On the contrary, some grass with low reputation after a long registration time is more worth buying, Because many of them do not make profits from orchids, most of them are a hobby, and they play with more authentic grass.

6、 Look at the pictures taken by the seller. The pictures are fuzzy. If you don't have root photos, you should pay more attention.

Finally, flower friends should always keep a clear mind, know what they need, be vigilant against the sugar coated shells of businesses, and the most important thing is not to be impatient or greedy for small bargains.

Correct posture of online orchid shopping