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Rose flowering: flowering up to half a year

Most roses are world famous ornamental plants. All shrubs are widely distributed in the cold temperate to subtropical regions of Asia, Europe, North Africa and North America. There are more than 200 species. 91 species are produced in China. Roses, roses and roses are the representative plants. Today, let's learn about the flowering period of rose and the related knowledge of rose.

Blooming time and flowering period of rose

Rosa is one of the most famous ornamental plants in the world. In China has a long history of cultivation, many people like the rose, rose generally in May to September every year, the order of open, flowering up to half a year. But in recent years, due to the global warming caused by the greenhouse effect, the roses in some places began to bloom early in April or even March. If you want to enjoy the flowers, you should seize the time and watch them in time.

Rose after rain rose knowledge expands rose value: rose not only has great ornamental value, but also has other medical and health effects. Rose petals can be extracted from aromatic oil, its value is higher than gold, with high medicinal and edible value. Rose flower has the effect of clearing heat and removing dampness, regulating qi and stomach, and stopping bleeding. Rose root has the functions of clearing away heat and dampness, dispelling wind and activating blood circulation, detoxifying and detumescence. It is suitable for lung carbuncle, diabetes, dysentery, arthritis, paralysis, bloody stool, frequent urination, irregular menstruation, traumatic injury, sores and scabies, etc.

Rosa varieties: there are about 200 kinds of Rosa in the world, with great variety and great variation. The main varieties of Rosa multiflora are as follows: Rosa multiflora, with large flower type, single petal, pink or rose red, many flowers clustered in umbrellas; Lotus rose, double petals, pink to pink, most clustered; Seven sisters, double dark pink, often 7-10 clustered, fragrant; Baiyutang, white flowers, double petals, often 7-10 clusters; Japanese Acanthous rose, white flowers, single petal, a village branch flowers, gathered open.

Rose flower language: rose flower language represents love and missing of love. The blooming rose gives people the vision of love, but love is not just a beautiful dream. Although the flower will wither, the favorite in the heart will never wither. The rose is the beginning of love and the oath of love. In particular, the red rose is a gift from the first lover.