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How to breed Acer palmatum: like warm, dry and sunny environment

Aeonium ballerina, also known as aeonium ballerina, is a succulent plant in the genus of Anthurium in Crassulaceae; The leaves grow at the tip of stem and the top of branch and form a leaf disc of lotus seat. They are easy to grow in groups. The leaves are gray green, and there are cilia on the leaf edge, leaf surface and leaf back, which are very lovely. Now let's take a look at how to breed the palm.

The soil requirement of the cultivation method of Acer villosum: it is better to plant it in the fertile and well ventilated cultivation soil.

Key points of watering: large amount of water can be irrigated during the growth period on the premise that the root system is in good condition, and the water should be controlled properly during the dormancy period.

Breeding points: cuttings of rosette leaf plate can be cut in early spring, and tiller buds will appear on the remaining stems. Good breeding varieties are easy to grow high and form more durable old piles if they are not pruned. If you want to know how to maintain it, you must first understand its growth habits;

Bingrongzhang likes warm, dry and sunny environment. It is drought resistant. It can endure the low temperature of minus 3 ℃ and keep the basin soil dry. The leaves will droop slightly at minus 3 ℃, but it doesn't matter. When the temperature rises, it will return to upright. Slightly resistant to half shade, shade for a long time, green leaves are easy to elongate, summer best not to sun, proper shading can, less water. It grows very obviously in cold winter, and it will be dormant for a short time in summer because of high temperature, but the time is not very long.

How to breed the Acer