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Efficacy and function of durian: not to be eaten with wine

Durian (scientific name: Durio zibethinus Murr), with long round leaves, sharp tip, cyme, light yellow flower color, football size fruit, solid peel, dense triangular spines, flesh is composed of pseudotesta, light yellow, sticky and juicy, is a fruit of great economic value. But what are the effects of Durian? What are the functions of Durian? Pro, you must also want to know about it. So let's read on^_^

Efficacy of durian: Ingredients: fruit flavor ingredients: hydrogen sulfide, ethyl hydrodisulfide, several dialkylpolysulfide, ethyl acetate, 1,1-diethoxyethane and ethyl-2-methylbutanoate. The fatty acids in fruits (including peel, pulp and seed) are palmitic acid, arachidic acid and palmitic alkynic acid.

Flavor: spicy, sweet, hot.

Channel: into the liver, kidney, lung three channels.

Efficacy: it can promote blood circulation, disperse cold, relieve dysmenorrhea, especially suitable for women suffering from dysmenorrhea; It can also improve the symptoms of abdominal cold, can promote the rise of body temperature, is the ideal tonic for cold constitution. Strengthen the body, invigorate the spleen, invigorate Qi, invigorate the kidney, invigorate Yang and warm the body. Appetizer, promote appetite. The function of durian: Durian skin - nourishing yin: with durian skin meat boiled chicken soup to drink, can be used as women's tonic soup, can go stomach cold. Durian skin is only used to eat the white part of durian skin. If you use durian skin with lean meat or chicken to make soup, it tastes very fresh and sweet, and it is very heat clearing. In the hot summer, it can play the role of reducing fire, nourishing blood and Qi, nourishing yin and so on.

Durian seed - mild kidney: Durian seed also has a certain medicinal value, folk use durian seed soup. Compared with durian pulp, durian's nucleoplasm is milder. Sun dried soup has the function of tonifying kidney and strengthening spleen. It can be used for deficiency of essence and blood, white hair, aging and other diseases. It can be used for wind heat and other diseases. It can be used to treat jaundice. Can be used to treat scabies, skin itching and other diseases.

Nourishing yin and strengthening Yang: Durian has high nutritional value. It contains high sugar, starch 11%, sugar 13%, protein 3%, and a variety of vitamins, fat, calcium, iron and phosphorus. The weak friends can eat durian. Durian can supplement the energy and nutrition needed by the body, so as to strengthen the body, nourish yin and nourish Yang. After the disease and women postpartum can be used to nourish the body.

Enhance immunity: durian fruit has a wide range of amino acids, rich in content, in addition to tryptophan, it also contains seven kinds of essential amino acids, of which glutamic acid content is particularly high. Animal experiments further proved that glutamic acid is an important precursor of nucleic acid, nucleotide, amino sugar and protein. It participates in its anabolism, improves the body's immune function, regulates the acid-base balance in the body, and improves the body's adaptability to stress. The reason why durian fruit has strong and tonic effect on human body is that it is rich in zinc and other beneficial elements, and it also has synergistic effect with its aroma components and other nutrients.

Treatment of dysmenorrhea: Durian has a lot of nutritional value, it can also relieve dysmenorrhea. Because durian is a hot fruit, it can promote blood circulation and relieve menstrual pain. Durian's heat can improve the condition of cold abdomen and promote the rise of body temperature, which is very helpful to friends with cold constitution.

Appetizing and appetizing: Although the special taste of durian is controversial, one of the most important functions of durian is appetizing and appetizing.

Defecation for constipation: Durian is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and treat constipation. But need to pay attention to is, eat durian constipation can want to drink more water, otherwise, rich fiber no water to absorb, will absorb water in the intestine.

Prevention and treatment of hypertension: the physiological function of vitamins in durian fruit and its curative effect on some diseases can not be ignored. Durian fruit also contains essential mineral elements for human body. Among them, the contents of potassium and calcium are especially high.

Anti cancer: durian fruit is rich in vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C are higher. A large number of studies have proved that vitamin A is an important essential micronutrient for human body, which has the physiological functions of maintaining normal growth, reproduction, vision and anti infection.

Delicious durian: suitable for people:

1. Durian is suitable for cold people.

2. After the disease and women postpartum should be used to nourish the body. No more than 100 grams per day.


1, durian can not be eaten with wine: because wine and durian are all hot and dry things, such as diabetes patients eat together, will lead to blockage of blood vessels, there will be severe burst of blood vessels, stroke occurs, unfit for consumption.

2. People with dry throat, dry tongue, sore throat and yin deficiency constitution should be careful to eat.

3, patients with diabetes, heart disease and hypercholesterolemia should not eat.

4. Durian is not suitable for people with heat constitution, sore throat, cough, cold, yin deficiency constitution and trachea sensitivity.

5. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that durian is warm in nature. If you eat too much, it will cause the rise of dry fire and the symptoms of dampness. To relieve the discomfort, drink kelp and mung bean soup or Prunella soup.

6. Durian contains more calories and sugar, so obese people should eat less.

7. Durian contains high potassium, so patients with kidney disease and heart disease should eat less.

8. Durian should not be eaten more at a time. If you smell the ripe durian with alcohol, it means it has gone bad and can't be eaten.

9. The elderly should pay special attention to the thick durian juice, which is easy to block the throat and trachea and cause suffocation. Therefore, the elderly should eat less and slowly.

matters needing attention:

1. The storage time of durian with natural cleft after ripening should not be too long.

2. When you smell a smell of alcohol, it must have gone bad. Don't buy it.

3. Because durian taste thicker knot, easy to accumulate in the intestine, drink plenty of boiling water can help digestion.

4. Durian is rich in cellulose, but it will absorb water and swell in the intestines and stomach. Eating too much will block the intestines and cause constipation.

5. If you eat too much durian, you will be trapped in hot phlegm, have difficulty breathing, blush and stomach distension. You should eat some mangosteen immediately to relieve it, because mangosteen is the coldest thing, which can control durian fever. Only the queen of fruit can subdue the king of fruit. It can also be decocted with durian skin.

6. Durian fever can promote blood circulation and disperse cold, relieve menstrual pain and improve abdominal cold, which is an ideal tonic for people with cold constitution. But one can not eat more, because of its rich nutrition, stomach can not fully absorb when the fire.

7. People who suffer from some diseases may even cause sudden death. Thailand's Ministry of health advises the public not to eat more than two durian petals a day.

Durian stewed chicken durian knowledge expansion: 1

Durian stewed chicken: Durian 50g, chicken 1, ginger 10g, walnut kernel, jujube 50g each. First, clean and peel the chicken, put it in boiling water, cook it a little, and chop it into large pieces; The walnut kernel is soaked in water to remove the oil taste; Wash the red dates and remove the seeds; Durian to tender skin, leaving a large skin. Take the pulp and cut the skin down. Put the chicken, walnut, jujube, durian skin and durian meat into the pot, roll in the water, add ginger slices, bring to a boil over high heat, simmer for 3 hours, add refined salt and a small amount of monosodium glutamate to taste. This soup has the functions of tonifying blood and Qi, moistening and nourishing yin. It is suitable for people of different physique. It is the most suitable for autumn and winter.

Durian core casserole crucian carp soup: Durian core 5-6, crucian carp 2, ginger 3. Wash the durian core, clean up the crucian carp after slaughtering, and fry it over low heat until it is yellowish on both sides. Then put the ginger and ginger into the earthen pot together, add some water, bring to a boil over high heat, then change to simmer for 2 hours, add some salt and a little oil. This soup is clear and moist but not greasy. It has the functions of invigorating spleen and removing dampness, harmonizing the middle part of the stomach, activating blood circulation and dredging collaterals, warming the middle and lower Qi.

2、 How to choose durian:

1. Find less thorn, you greedy, pulp, but not necessarily good taste, look at the color can distinguish the taste. Generally speaking, the color is too green, is not very mature, do not buy; The normal color is earthy yellow, the darker the color is, the more mature it is; But Tuhuang tends to be black, that is, it is too mature to buy rotten durian. So buy durian, choose Tuhuang.

2. To distinguish a good durian, we can first see the sparsity of durian spines. If you sell a Durian, the surface of the thorn is very dense, so there is very little flesh inside the durian. On the contrary, if there are few thorns on the surface, it means that there are more flesh. So friends later choose durian, looking for less thorn.

3. See durian has no mouth, of course, the mouth is not too big, open a small mouth, taste sweet; If there is no mouth, it means that durian is not very mature and tastes bad. So buy durian choose to open a small mouth.

4. Smell, we know that durian smell bad, for people who like it to eat sweet, a good durian is to smell the more bad the better. If asked a little light, it means that durian is not mature.