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Efficacy and function of celery: reducing blood pressure, strengthening brain and calming

Celery is an umbrella plant. There are three kinds of water celery, dry celery and celery with similar functions. Dry celery is the best medicine. Dry celery has strong aroma, which is called "medicinal celery". But it's not the same as coriander. But what is the effect of celery? What are the functions of celery? You must also want to know. Let's have a look.

Function of thick celery: ingredient: celery is rich in protein, carbohydrate, carotene, vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sodium, etc. The stems and leaves contain apigenin, bergamot lactone, organic acid, carotene, vitamin C, sugars, butyl phthalide derivatives with special odor in volatile oil, and dry celery contains acidic antihypertensive components.

Nature and taste: cool and sweet

Meridian: liver, lung, stomach

Efficacy: Soothing the liver, clearing away heat, dispelling wind and dampness, removing vexation and swelling, cooling blood and stopping bleeding, detoxifying and dispersing lung, strengthening stomach and blood, clearing intestines and defecation, moistening lung and relieving cough, reducing blood pressure, strengthening brain and calming down. Function of celery: 1. Calming the liver and reducing blood pressure: Celery contains acidic antihypertensive components, which is clinically effective for primary, gestational and climacteric hypertension.

2. Calm down: eating more celery is good for calming mood and eliminating irritability.

3. Cancer prevention and anti-cancer: it produces a kind of lignin or intestinal lipid substance through intestinal digestion, which is an antioxidant and can inhibit the carcinogen produced by intestinal bacteria at high concentration. It can also speed up the running time of feces in the intestine, reduce the contact between carcinogens and colon mucosa, and achieve the purpose of preventing colon cancer.

4. Nourishing blood and tonifying deficiency: celery has high iron content, which can supplement the loss of menstrual blood of women. Eating celery can avoid pale, dry skin, dull complexion, and make eyes bright and hair black.

5. Heat clearing and detoxification: the climate is dry in spring, people often feel dry mouth, asthma, upset, and physical discomfort. Eating celery often helps to heat clearing and detoxification, get rid of diseases and strengthen the body. Excessive liver fire, rough skin and often insomnia, headache can be appropriate to eat more.

6. Weight loss: when you are chewing celery in your mouth, you consume more energy than celery gives you.

7. Sleeping: celery leaves contain more vitamin C than stems, and contain more carotene than stems, so don't throw away the tender leaves you can eat. We can make celery leaves soup, long-term consumption can help people sleep, make skin shiny.

8, diuresis detumescence: Celery contains diuretic effective ingredients, eliminating body water and sodium retention, diuresis * detumescence. The effective rate of celery decoction is 85.7%, which can treat chyluria.

9. Sober up and protect the stomach: celery is a high fiber food, which can speed up the digestion and elimination of the stomach, and then through the diuretic function of celery, the alcohol in the stomach is discharged through the urine, so as to relieve the pressure of the stomach and play the role of sober up and protect the stomach.

10. Whitening and skin care: celery is a high fiber food. It can produce a kind of lignin or intestinal fat by intestinal digestion. This kind of material is an antioxidant. If you eat celery often, it can effectively help the skin to resist aging and achieve the effect of whitening and skin care.

Celery stem celery precautions: first, celery food taboo: the general population can eat. The patients with spleen and stomach deficiency cold, intestinal slippage, low blood pressure and men in marriage and childbearing period should be cautious. Celery and shrimp, sea rice, vinegar, cucumber, pumpkin, clam, chicken, rabbit meat, turtle meat, soybeans, chrysanthemum, crab, clam, Scapharca phase Ke

2、 First, celery is a kind of cool food. People with Yin deficiency should not eat more. Eating more will lead to cold stomach, affect digestion and dilute stool; Second, celery contains more nutrients in the leaves, should eat with the leaves, do not just eat stems and leaves.

Celery page celery knowledge expansion: 1. Celery eating methods

1. Celery can be fried, mixed, fried or used as ingredients, or as stuffing.

2. Many people only eat celery sticks. In fact, celery leaves have good antihypertensive effect, high nutritional content and refreshing taste. Choose the celery leaves can be cold, add a wine side dishes.

3. It is used for hypertension, dizziness and headache, red face and red eyes, blood drenching, carbuncle and swelling, etc. Can use fresh celery 500 grams, pound juice, boiled water, 1 dose a day.

4. Apply to stool bleeding: water celery appropriate amount, wash and mash, take half a bowl of juice, adjust brown sugar appropriate amount.

5. Apply to cheek: fresh water celery, mash juice, add sour vinegar, apply on the affected area.

6. Cold mixed sea rice and celery

Ingredients: a handful of celery, 8-10 dried shrimps, a small strip of streaky pork, 50g sirloin, 3G green onion, 3G ginger, 1 tsp starch, 1 tsp vegetable oil, 1 tsp cooking wine, 300ml water, salt, chicken essence


1. Soak the rice in warm water for 15 minutes

2. Cut the streaky pork and tenderloin into shreds, and pick out the fat shreds separately

3. Add the thin meat into the lake powder, pour a little vegetable oil, mix well, slice the scallion and dice the ginger

4. Add the oil into the pan, add the shredded fat and stir fry a part of the oil

5. Add scallion, ginger, shredded lean meat and dried shrimps and stir fry for a while

6. Add cooking wine and water and bring to a boil over high heat. Turn to low heat and simmer for about 40 minutes

7. In the process of boiling, remove the celery leaves, wash and cut it into sections, put it into the boiling water pot and cook for about half a minute, then take it out and let it cool

After 8 minutes, the soup presents a combination of fresh and meat flavor. Add salt and chicken essence and mix well. Turn off the heat

9. When the gravy is slightly cool, put it into the chilled celery section, mix well and serve


1. Don't stir fry the shredded fat. It will separate out some oil, which will be more fragrant if it is mixed with some animal oil. But lard can not be much, the Spring Festival cold weather, lard after cooling will condense into white, eat celery to make a living, also affect the appearance.

2. Add some fat to the shredded lean meat in advance and mix well. The phenomenon of sticking to the pot will be improved when frying.

3, the key to this dish is the fresh meat juice, the essence and taste of all are in it, so the cooking time must not be short, at least 20 minutes or more, otherwise the shrimp flavor can not be analyzed, it is not delicious to eat this dish.

4. Celery section over boiling water must not be long, otherwise it will not taste crisp!

2、 Celery shopping

When purchasing celery, the color should be fresh green, the petiole should be thick, the stem should be slightly round, the inside slightly concave, the stem short and strong, the leaves green and rare, the quality of this celery is good. In addition, when choosing celery, pinch the stem of celery, the tender celery is easy to break, and the old celery is not easy to break.

3、 Storage of celery

Celery should be stored vertically. The chlorophyll content of vegetables stored vertically is more than that of vegetables stored horizontally. The longer the storage time, the greater the difference. The hematopoietic components in chlorophyll have high nutritional value to human body.

sauteed celery