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The effect and function of Lingxiao flower: removing blood stasis, cooling blood and dispelling wind

Campanula is a vine and likes climbing. It is an excellent plant for greening in the courtyard. It can be woven into various patterns with bamboo scaffolds, which is very practical and beautiful. It can also be made into hanging bonsai by renovation, or used for decorating windowsill and air platform. So what are the efficacy and function of Campanula? What should we pay attention to? Come and have a look.

Effect of Campanula: Ingredients: apigenin and β- Sitosterol, etc.

Taste: cold, sweet, sour.

Meridian: liver, pericardium.

Efficacy: remove blood stasis, cool blood and dispel wind. For menorrhea, postpartum breast swelling, rubella redness, skin itching, acne. The function of Campanula: 1. Rubella, tinea, pruritus and acne. This product is characterized by cold diarrhea and heat, cooling blood and dispelling wind. It is suitable for those with heat in blood. For the treatment of pruritus around the body, this product is used as the end in the book of true medical history. It can also be used with Shengdi, Danpi and Tribulus terrestris; For the treatment of rubella and dermatophytosis, realgar, Coptis chinensis and Arisaema are used as external liniment, such as lingxiaohua powder.

2. Hematochezia, metrorrhagia. This product is cold and heat clearing, blood cooling and hemostasis. For blood heat, hematochezia and metrorrhagia, it can be taken with Yanmo alone, and can also be used with Sanguisorba officinalis, Sophora japonica and Shengdi.

3. Traumatic injury: appropriate amount of Campanula, mash and apply to the affected area, take the juice and drink, and mash and apply the drug residue to the affected area at the same time, which is specially for traumatic injury.

4. Skin itching: appropriate amount of Campanula, grind into fine powder, half of wine, 6 g each time; Lingxiaohua 10g, cicada clothing 5g, yellow rice wine 1 cup, add water, decoct until boiling, take juice to drink.

5. Erosive tinea pedis: mash the fresh Campanula flower and wipe the affected area with juice.

6. Lingxiaohua has the effect of treating blood stasis meridians and syndrome accumulation. Lingxiaohuaxin has the effect of removing blood stasis, dredging meridians and dispersing syndrome accumulation. It can be used together with Angelica sinensis, safflower and Radix Paeoniae Rubra to effectively treat blood stasis meridians. It can be used together with turtle shell and cortex moutan to effectively treat blood stasis meridians accumulation.

Precautions for Lingxiao flower: Food precautions:

It's not poisonous that Campanula can't be taken to children. It's because Campanula has been smelling for a long time, which can hurt the brain. Its pollen is too irritating to the eyes. If it invades the eyes, it will cause redness and swelling, and it's easy to hurt the eyes. However, Campanula itself is not toxic, but pregnant women take Campanula will cause abortion (just watch and not take Campanula will not cause abortion).

Precautions for use:

Pregnant women should not use it, and those with weak Qi and blood should not take it

Knowledge expansion of Campanula: edible method:

Lingxiaohua donkey hide gelatin porridge

[raw materials] 10 grams of Lingxiao flower, 10 grams of donkey hide gelatin, 50 grams of glutinous rice, and an appropriate amount of brown sugar.

[preparation] first, add water to decoct the flower, remove the dregs and extract the juice, then add donkey hide gelatin and glutinous rice to make porridge.

[usage] take it warm 1-2 times a day.

[curative effect] it is suitable for amenorrhea due to blood deficiency.

Black bean and Campanula soup

Ingredients: 2 grams of Campanula, 120 grams of black beans, 300 grams of spareribs, appropriate amount of salt.

Method: first flush the Campanula with clean water and soak it in water for 1 hour. Clean the spareribs, cut them into small pieces, scald them in boiling water, remove and drain. Wash the black beans and soak them in water for 2 hours. Put the Campanula, black beans and spareribs into the pot and boil together. After the black beans are cooked and rotten, add salt to taste. After the ribs are cooked and rotten, pick out the Lingxiao flower in the medicine juice and eat it.

1. Treatment of blood stasis block, amenorrhea, fever and abdominal distension: 9g lingxiaohua, 15g Chishao, 9g Danpi, 6G Honghua, 9g Taoren, 10g angelica. Decoction, 1 dose daily.

2. Treatment of long-standing malaria mother, hepatosplenomegaly: lingxiaohua 9 g, Zhechong 9 g, Biejia 10 g, rhubarb 10 g, safflower 6 g, Taoren 9 g, angelica 10 G. Decoction, 1 dose daily.

3. Treatment of blood heat wind Sheng body itching: can be used alone lingxiaohua 9 grams, decoction; Or take it with powder wine; Or lingxiaohua 9g, Shengdi 30g, Chishao 10g, Guiwei 9g, baishupi 10g, Jingjie 9g, Fangfeng 9g, Gancao 6G. Decoction, 1 dose daily.

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