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21 kinds of garden flowers beautify the four seasons

There are two articles about plants in courtyard and balcony (the final one). The choice of flowers depends not only on the climate, but also on the varieties of plants. For example, when you buy flower seedlings, you should ask whether the varieties are low or climbing vines. Only in this way can you maintain them better.

1. Prunus davidiana

The flowering period is from late spring to early autumn, which is very suitable for planting in places with mild and cool summer climate. In a warm subtropical climate, they grow in cool and ventilated places.

It is also known as "white butterfly flower" and "Jade Butterfly Flower" because its flowers are easy to attract butterflies, and some of its varieties are considered weeds. This small shrub can grow to 1.50 meters high, mainly depending on the variety, its flowering period is very long.

2 gooseberry

Also known as gooseberry, lantern fruit, can grow in a variety of climates, if it is potted maintenance, then they will bear very little fruit.

It's very easy to maintain and grow. It doesn't need much care. You can even plant it on your balcony. It doesn't grow to 1 meter before it begins to bear a lot of fruits.

3. Veronica spicata

This is a multi-functional shrub that can grow in cool temperate to subtropical regions, and most like the mild climate in summer.

This flowering shrub can be as high as 1 meter and is easy to grow in a container. It is also a very large variety, before I also wrote an article to introduce the mother-in-law na!

Beautiful field floret (mother-in-law) 14 varieties on the market, with conservation and introduction

Hibiscus syriacus

It's adaptable, also known as hibiscus, and it's easy to grow everywhere. People have also cultivated some hardy Hibiscus varieties, which can grow in cold regions and tropical hibiscus varieties.

Hibiscus is one of the most popular flowering shrubs. It is not difficult to use Hibiscus syriacus in pot. It has many bright flowers and various colors. It has a very shallow root, so it is suitable for flowerpots or containers. It is also a good ornamental plant.

5 Hydrangea

One of the most popular garden plants, they grow easily. It grows in warm temperate regions, and Hydrangea grows well in subtropical regions.

They have colorful flowers. When they bloom, clusters of Hydrangea can always bring people infinite surprise. They like to grow in large flowerpots. They are beautiful potted plants. They can see more light when they are watered regularly. The next step is to watch their beautiful flowers.

Introduction to the maintenance methods of 17 varieties of beautiful Hydrangea (ziyanghua)

6 Holly

They like cool and mild climate in summer. Growing Holly in containers needs special care. Large containers and low varieties are the best choice.

7 Lantana camara

It prefers a hot tropical climate, but it can also grow in cooler regions (as an annual).

(Rosa laevigata, Catharanthus roseus and Petunia)

This perennial evergreen shrub is one of the most easy to maintain plants in tropical climate. Its perennial flowers are very amazing. The flower of Lantana camara has the fragrance of fruit and all kinds of colors, but it will also kill other garden plants.

August osmanthus

It needs a warm environment to grow, and subtropical conditions should be the most suitable for it.

Laurel can also grow in containers and is one of the excellent shrubs.

9 pods

It is a clump of upright deciduous shrubs, also known as snowball pods fan, butterfly Hydrangea, wood hydrangea. It is about 1 to 3 meters high, with stellate hairs when young and reddish brown when old.

It likes a warm, mild climate and belongs to the Mediterranean plant. It's OK to grow in containers. Its beautiful pink white flowers are still a little fragrant. It's a good time to watch flowers in spring and winter.

10 Lavender

Lavender grows best in temperate climate, and it can also grow in subtropical areas, so as to ensure the drainage of containers and basin soil. Growing lavender in the basin should allow it to receive enough sunlight.

Cultivar 'angustifolia' and 'stoechas'

11 lilac

It likes mild temperate environment, cool and mild place in summer can produce the most beautiful lilac, of course, subtropical is also very common.

If you like the fragrance of lilac, you can plant some in containers, choose some compact, low growing varieties and a tall flowerpot. The maintenance environment should be well ventilated and sunny for at least six hours a day.

12 Magnolia

Mulan likes warm climate. It has fragrant and beautiful magnolia flowers, which can add more fun to the garden.

No matter how small your garden or balcony is, you can have it.

Magnolia grows slowly, which means you can grow it in a pot for a long time. But the best way to choose a larger pot and low bush varieties, so that it does not exceed the height of 2-3 meters.

13 crape myrtle

Crape myrtle is a tropical and subtropical shrub or tree. Its beautiful and colorful flowers are always loved by the heart.

This low shrubby variety is suitable for growing in containers. It doesn't need much maintenance, although it needs regular pruning, but at least it's good for growing in containers.

14 Pittosporum

It needs a warm environment to grow, but it can also tolerate mild low temperatures. It's an elegant little shrub with beautiful leaves (like duck foot) and beautiful fragrant flowers.

When Pittosporum flowers bloom, the air is filled with fresh fragrance, it is usually used for landscaping, and dwarf varieties are very suitable for potted plants, generally about 1-1.5 meters high, slow growth.

15 Peony

Peony is extremely cold resistant and frost resistant. It likes to grow in the mild climate in summer. The solemn and plump peony is also one of the favorite flowers of Chinese people. The flowers are very big and fragrant. How can people not like them?

The most beautiful flowers in the official account are all the flowers of the peony.

16 Potentilla

It's a hardy shrub that can tolerate frost. It is also a beautiful perennial shrub, with a height of only 1 meter. It blooms from the middle of summer until late autumn.

17 rose

There are many kinds of roses, which can grow under various climatic conditions. They are almost everywhere in the world. It's also a good idea to plant small shrubs in flower pots.

Roses need careful care and regular maintenance.

18 Rosemary

Rosemary is a kind of perennial shrub with beautiful fragrance. It is also a very useful cooking material and effective herb.

Its beautiful blue flowers and green leaves also make it a good ornamental plant.

19 Carex

It has more than 100 varieties to choose from, so it's a diverse plant that can be grown in cool and warm areas.

Like reed, it belongs to a kind of garden ornamental grass. Its leaf color is also various, including common green, yellow, blue and red.

It's interesting to plant Carex in a flowerpot, adding a different flavor to the courtyard or terrace.

Spiraea 20

In spring, you can see elegant and beautiful Spiraea. Their brilliant white flowers are always pleasant. In addition to the dense and bright snow flowers, their flowers also have a sweet fragrance.

This is a relatively cold resistant shrub, which grows best in warm climate. Spiraea dwarf such as "Nana" and "Nana" are excellent potted varieties, which need slightly moist soil to grow.

21 guava

It likes tropical humid climate. Of course, it can be planted in temperate zone. In the north, it must be potted and kept indoors in winter.