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When does kapok bloom: it enters the flowering period after the leaves fall off in February to March

Spring has come with continuous drizzle. It's a good time to go for an outing. Xiaobian suggests that you should enjoy the blooming kapok, but only when you know the flowering period of kapok can you enjoy the most beautiful kapok. Do you know when kapok will open? Xiaobian specially arranged the knowledge about kapok for the vast number of flower friends. Let's have a look together.

When does kapok open? When does kapok open? Kapok is orange in color. From February to March every year, after the leaves fall, it enters the flowering period, and then leaves grow.

Sanya was the first place to open kapok in Hainan, and then it moved from south to north to Songlin mountain in Ledong, Dongfang, Changjiang, Baisha and Danzhou. From February to March, the island can enjoy the blooming kapok. As soon as spring warms up, you can see kapok hanging all over the branches. It looks like a bowl of flowers crowded on the tree. It's very beautiful. The best time for kapok to open is from March to April. After a period of time, it will bear fruit and float flocs. Floating wadding is the sowing behavior of kapok, and it is better to stay away from the people who are allergic to the wadding, otherwise it will cause rash, asthma and other adverse reactions.

The flower language of kapok: cherish the people around you! Cherish the present happiness, cherish the people around them, give them happiness and happiness.

Meaning: hero, man and love are flourishing; It symbolizes vigorous and vigorous. According to legend, the eleventh day of April is the day when kapok is in full bloom. Because kapok usually blooms in March and April, April 11 is designated as the day of kapok.

Kapok flower knowledge - why is kapok also called Hero flower? Kapok is also called "hero flower". The flower is as red as blood and as big as a cup. When it is in full bloom, the leaves almost fall. From a distance, it looks like a group of flames burning and jumping on the branches. It is very powerful. Therefore, it has always been regarded as a symbol of heroes. Kapok is distributed in several southern provinces and is the city flower of Guangzhou, Xiamen and other cities. However, the kapok tree in Changjiang County of Hainan Province is the most widely distributed and has the largest flowers, which is known as the hometown of kapok in China. Qicha town in Changjiang is the most recommended place for viewing kapok. In Bawangling National Forest Park in Changjiang County, Hainan Province, every spring, kapok is in full bloom. From a distance, a large area of kapok looks like a burning flame, which is particularly beautiful.

Another location is jiujialing in Baisha County. In this typical tropical mountain area, kapok trees known as "revolutionary tree" are all over jiujialing. There is a mountain road on jiujialing, which is one of the main roads leading to the outside world in Baisha County. This is what people call kapok road in jiujialing. Roadside rows of kapok trees are majestic and burly, red as blood, warm as fire. When passing through kapok road in jiujialing, it makes tourists feel the first-class natural environment here all the time. Hainan is the birthplace of kapok trees. In March, you can see red kapok everywhere, but only jiujialing is full of flowers. Flower season, around the mountain road, parked a car, are to catch up with the flower flood.

The famous Nanshan scenic spot in Sanya is also a good place to watch kapok. Nanshan itself is a tourist attraction. Hundreds of kapok plants bloom at the same time in the scenic spot, adding a bit of splendor to Nanshan.

Haikou City is also able to enjoy the kapok blossom, but the number is not much. Wuzhishan road is more concentrated in the city. As the temperature in Hainan Province warms up, the kapok on Wuzhishan road will be in full bloom. As a beautiful street scene, it is picturesque.