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Surprise | three good news, two bad news, flowers are really unusual!

fresh flower dishes were popular in China more than 2000 years ago. In Lisao, Qu Yuan described it as "drinking Magnolia in the morning and eating chrysanthemum in the evening". During the Tang and Song Dynasties, the style of eating flowers prevailed in the royal family. After the publication of Lin Hong's monograph shanjiaqinggong of flower food in Song Dynasty, flower food was gradually introduced into the folk and has been popular ever since. According to reports, Empress Dowager Cixi became addicted to flowers. She dried roses, jasmine and wild winter flowers and mixed them with tea; She also often ordered the imperial dining room to collect flowers and prepare delicious food.

First good news nutritional value

Fresh flower dishes can promote metabolism, regulate nerves and improve immunity.

Modern research shows that fresh flowers are rich in nutrients, such as protein, fat, sugar, amino acids, vitamins and minerals needed by human body, such as iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, enzymes, hormones, flavonoids and nucleic acids. When you eat fresh flowers, you will take in a certain amount of pollen, which is a concentrated complete nutrient. Flower cake "promoting blood circulation and regulating qi, calming liver and detoxifying, preventing diarrhea, mastitis, swelling and toxin, liver and stomach qi pain" is the record of the therapeutic effect of edible rose in compendium of Materia Medica. Nutrition experts analyzed the trace elements of edible roses. The results showed that edible roses contain more abundant nutrients than ordinary vegetables, and have higher health value. Edible roses have sweet and bitter taste, mild temperature, liver, spleen and stomach meridian, fragrant powder, soothing liver and relieving depression, and regulating blood meridian. It is a natural and healthy tonic.

Gardenia cold gardenia is suitable for lung heat cough carbuncle swelling intestinal wind blood and other diseases.

Gardenia egg flower has the effect of clearing heat, nourishing stomach, widening intestines and benefiting qi. It is suitable for stomach heat, bad breath, swollen gums, pain and poor stool.

Fried bamboo shoots with gardenia has the effect of invigorating spleen, appetizing stomach, clearing away heat and promoting intestines. It is suitable for the patients with dull stomach, reducing abdominal distension and constipation.

Gardenia fresh soup is suitable for body deficiency, anorexia, intestinal wind, blood, poor stool, cough, expectoration, swelling and pain of gums and other diseases.

Second good news, fresh flower backpackers

So far, flowers into the banquet has become a fashionable way of life, not only for romance, but also a food culture, especially popular among female diners. According to the origin, the fresh flowers around Guangdong, Guangdong and Kunming are the most reliable. Yunnan, the flower capital, is a wild flower in the forest of Xishuangbanna. Each flower has its own fragrance and delicious taste. Let Xiaobian take you to Yunnan in April to be a backpacker and a happy flower to eat.

Rose cake, rose sugar, rose porridge, Rose Jelly, Rose Crisp, rose tea, rose cake... Maybe Yunnan people can't count how many kinds of rose food there are. In the morning, drink a bowl of rose porridge with a piece of rose flower cake. In the afternoon, have a rose milk jelly or rose tea in Guzhen. If you like, you can also dig a spoonful of rose candy to make water.

Chrysanthemum do you think Yunnan chrysanthemum diet only chrysanthemum bridge rice noodles? Then you are wrong. There are more than 300 kinds of Chrysanthemum in Yunnan, almost every kind of chrysanthemum has a different way to eat. Among them, chrysanthemum tea, chrysanthemum wine, chrysanthemum fried shredded meat, chrysanthemum cross bridge rice noodles, chrysanthemum almond tofu and chrysanthemum porridge are the most common.

Banana flower is a special delicacy on the table in Yunnan. Most of the home dishes are fried meat with banana flower. Because of its bitter and astringent taste, banana flowers need to be manually kneaded, fried and other processes to remove astringency, so they are not as good as the previous several, but they are also rare delicacies.

The third piece of good news is flowers

Edible flower dishes are classified as follows: Flammulina, gardenia, Sophora, peony, rose, lily, jasmine, chrysanthemum, osmanthus, aloe, Panax notoginseng, lotus, Pueraria, Magnolia, rose, blooming magnolia, peach, pear, plum, Bauhinia, nocturnal jasmine, Dendrobium, Bighorn, honeysuckle, Viola, mint, white lotus, Magnolia, pumpkin, hibiscus Hawthorn flower, perilla flower, bergamot flower, wild rose, peony flower, Hosta believe that there is always a flower in line with your taste. Flammulina, also known as day lily, is a popular dish, which is popular with people.

The rutin contained in pumpkin flower has the auxiliary functions of promoting blood vessel and heart function, promoting blood coagulation and preventing bleeding.

Huaihua steamed with flour, such as dumplings, steamed buns. Sophora japonica has the effect of clearing fire, removing dryness, beautifying and beautifying.

The flower of Magnolia is pungent and warm in nature. It has the functions of dispelling wind, dispersing cold, dredging orifices, dispersing lung and dredging nose. It can be used for headache, dysmenorrhea of blood stasis type, nasal obstruction, acute and chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, etc.

The first bad news is that allergic people should eat carefully

People with allergic constitution had better not eat fresh flower dishes. If you are allergic to fresh flowers or pollen, you should consider carefully when eating fresh flower dishes.

The second bad news can't be too casual

Nerium indicum, Datura stramonium, five color plum, Manjusri, poinsettia, Calla Lily, tiger thorn and other flowers contain harmful ingredients to human body, can not be eaten at will.

All year round, you can enjoy flowers: charming spring flowers, gorgeous summer flowers, brilliant autumn flowers, bright winter flowers.

All year round, flowers can be included in the dishes: pickled, fried, porridge, pastry... The dishes made of flowers profoundly explain this sentence: delicious and good-looking, is really delicious!

Imagine a scene like this: in an instant, a myriad of colors open all over your dining table.

I really don't know what to eat? Well, why don't you eat flowers. Beautiful and fragrant like a fragrant princess.

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