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Stunts | these tips can help you improve the germination rate of flower seeds!

In the process of flower cultivation, we often encounter such a problem: when sowing some flower seeds, the emergence is very little, or even no emergence. If you want to improve the emergence rate of flowers, Xiaobian will provide you with some tips. Let's have a look!

1. Understand the characteristics of seeds

Including the temperature, humidity, light, soil and so on, which is very critical. For example: Primula germanica can not be soaked, and it is easy to lose vitality after soaking; The seeds of Ranunculus hybridus are fond of low temperature, and the suitable temperature for raising seedlings is about 8 ℃. When the temperature is over 12 ℃, it is difficult to sprout; Petunia and other seeds need to be germinated at about 25 ℃. If the seeds are soaked and kept at low temperature for 1-2 days, the seeds may rot and not sprout. Some seeds are light loving, some are light averse, only in the appropriate environmental conditions can produce good seedlings.

2. Selection of seedling container

The container should be 50-60 cm in length, 30-40 cm in width, 8-10 cm in height and many holes in the bottom. Can be made of wood, size depends on the amount of sowing, height is not too high. When it is too high, if there is too much soil, it is not easy to dry after a long time of waterlogging; If there is less soil, the higher four walls will affect the light. Drainage holes should be made at the bottom of the seedling box, and the box must be soaked in water for 2-3 days before use until it is thoroughly soaked, otherwise the box and soil are easy to separate.

3. Selection of matrix

According to the ratio of 2:1:1:1, the manure, humus soil, fine sand and garden soil which are fully decomposed and sifted are mixed evenly. The sorghum can be sifted with a sieve, and then exposed to the sun for one day for disinfection.

4. Key points for sowing

Sowing method: put the seeds and fine sand in the basin according to the ratio of 1:1500, mix them well, then evenly spread them on the fine soil, and then use a smooth board to gently press on the fine soil, do not compact, so that the seeds and fine soil can be fused. Finally, put the seedling box in the water to soak, the water level should not exceed the soil surface, and add water along with soaking until soaking. Take out the soaked seedling box from the water, cover it with glass plate to keep moisture (do not use plastic film, because it is easy to drip seedlings), control the water slightly, and immediately move it to the environment suitable for seed germination.

Depending on the variety, the fast ones germinate in 4-5 days, and the slow ones germinate in 7-10 days. After the seeds germinate, remove the glass plate, and move to the suitable place for maintenance after most of the seedlings emerge. It is worth noting that when there are no more than 2 true leaves of flowers, never spray water from above.

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