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Tongqiancao flower language: great fortune with great wealth

It is easy to cultivate and manage, beautiful in shape, green in leaf color, and very durable. It is one of the most popular aquatic plants among flower friends at present. However, what is the flower language of the beautiful aquatic plant Pennisetum?

Potted plants of Pennisetum: the flower language of Pennisetum: money is rolling, good luck!

Tongqiancao blossoms. Tongqiancao knowledge expands the meaning of tongqiancao: according to our culture, we pay attention to the meaning and homophony. Tongqiancao has round leaves, like mini lotus leaves, which are very lovely. It also has ancient Tongqian, which means round and good luck. Moreover, its name is stained with the word "copper" and "money", which means naturally different. The family has copper money and rolling wealth, Therefore, it is considered as a symbol of wealth, so planting copper coin grass at home has symbolic significance and avoids the vulgar decoration of gold copper coin, but the shape of copper coin grass is special and noble.

Match with home style:

Now people have begun to turn from complex to the pursuit of simple and comfortable home style environment, so more and more people design simple and unique furniture style, fresh and beautiful. Tongqiancao is also a versatile green plant in home style. For example, tongqiancao is cultivated in a round transparent glass container, which not only shows fresh and beautiful, but also shows personality, It will add a lot of artistic atmosphere to your home. If it is a return to the natural pastoral home style, not to mention, copper wire grass chic green, more natural and fresh refined.

Therefore, copper coin grass is a good partner for home style. Add a pot of copper coin grass to your home to make your home more style and have a good moral.