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How to choose pineapples: shape, color and hardness

It's the season of pineapple fragrance again. Many people will choose pineapple as a fruit after meals. It contains almost all the vitamins and 16 kinds of natural minerals needed by the human body. It not only helps to relieve greasiness and digestion, but also has the effects of relieving thirst and trouble, sobering up and replenishing qi. Pineapple has so many advantages, so how to choose pineapple?

Pineapple 1. The pineapple with good appearance and shape is cylindrical or slightly pointed at both ends, with moderate size, upright fruit shape and few bud eyes.

Choose a pineapple of uniform size. 2. Look at the appearance color. Pineapples with light yellow or bright yellow color can be eaten directly when they are mature. The color is light yellow, with a slight green luster. This kind of pineapple is usually medium ripe. If you eat it on the same day, you can buy it with a light yellow appearance. If you need to eat it after 2 days, you can choose it with a slight green luster.

Choose to see the pineapple color 3, touch the appearance of hardness, gently press the pineapple, hard and inelastic is raw pineapple; The firm and micro Microsoft has a better maturity; The over sunken or even sunken pineapple was over mature; If there is juice overflow, the fruit has deteriorated.

Picking pineapple to feel hardness 4. Sniffing is to smell pineapple fragrance with nose. The immature pineapple has no smell, but the light fragrance outside. The ripe pineapple has strong fragrance after cutting, and the pineapple with strong fragrance on the outer surface indicates that it is mature.

Pineapple 5. After the flesh is cut, it can be seen that the good pineapple has light and small eyes, light yellow inside, dense tissue, thick flesh and small core, and the poor pineapple has deep and many eyes, some eyes can reach the pineapple core, and the internal tissue gap is large, the flesh is thin and the core is thick. If it is an immature pineapple, the flesh is brittle, and the color is a little white.

There is a kind of protease in pineapple. If you eat it directly, it will irritate the oral mucosa, make your lips numb, itchy or even red and swollen. If you eat it directly, it will cause diarrhea, vomiting or headache. Therefore, pineapple must be soaked with light salt water before eating. The best soaking time is half an hour. If the time is not long enough, bromelain has not been completely destroyed, children with tender oral skin are particularly prone to allergies. Too long time is not enough, it will cause excessive loss of nutrients, and pineapple is rich in sugar, which is easy to breed bacteria after soaking for a long time.