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How to prevent succulent black rot in summer: pay attention to the basin soil ventilation and heat d

Summer is coming again. At the same time, this season is also the most painful time for flower friends. Because summer is the high incidence period of black rot, many flower friends ask about the methods to prevent black rot, hoping to understand the reasons for black rot. In this paper, the causes of black rot caused by meat and its prevention methods are summarized.

How to prevent black rot of succulent plants in summer and what causes it?

Black rot is caused by Fusarium oxysporum. The pathogen is Fusarium oxysporum, belonging to the subfamily of fungi, which specifically causes vascular diseases of ornamental plants. The main symptoms are root rot, stem rot, stem base rot, flower rot, etc.

Generally speaking, fungal cells proliferate and invade the succulent body;

Fungal cells propagate in a humid environment by spore method, which is not a simple way of bacteria propagating in two or two quarters, but a single spore can reproduce thousands of spores. Therefore, in a good temperature and humidity environment overnight, fungi can reproduce thousands of offspring. It also creates a number of advantages for the invasion of meat.

If it happens that your meat's resistance declines, and even worse, there are parasites gnawing at it, causing wounds and creating conditions for the invasion of Fusarium oxysporum, then black will become inevitable. Therefore, we should not get wet in summer, keep the flowerpot hot and dry or damp cold environment, and do not create opportunities for fungal reproduction.

In addition, the factors of succulent plants can not be ignored, such as the decline of resistance of succulent plants, it is easy to be taken advantage of by pathogens;

Just like human beings, they are healthy, strong and have strong immunity. Generally, they are not easy to get sick. If their immunity declines, they are easy to be infected with various viruses and fungi to prevent black rot of meat. From the internal cause, they should make your meat healthy and strong. I don't want to say much about how to make your meat healthy. I recommend you to sunshade, ventilate, control water and not fertilize in summer.

Why is summer the high incidence of black rot?

Because Fusarium oxysporum is a fungus, it is warm and humid in summer, and it is humid and muggy after watering, so it is easy to meet the breeding requirements~

The optimal temperature for Fusarium wilt was 27 ℃ - 32 ℃ in the literature of controlling cotton wilt. The disease tended to be mild at 20 ℃, and no longer occurred below 15 ℃. Based on this temperature condition, Fusarium wilt often occurs from April to June in South China and from May to August in Sichuan, Yunnan and East China. Therefore, please pay more attention to the occurrence of black rot in summer.

How to prevent succulent black rot in summer

The control methods of black rot are as follows

(1) Pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation of basin soil.

The sultry pot soil not only created the breeding conditions for Fusarium oxysporum, but also reduced the resistance of the root system. Especially after watering and exposure to the sun, the temperature of the root system in the soil almost soared. So to reduce the temperature in time, the state is not good can also be put into the air-conditioned room.

(2) When transplanting, soak the roots with carbendazim.

If there is Fusarium oxysporum in the soil at this time, it is easy to get sick and can be treated with carbendazim. Early detection of meat is not right, with carbendazim root irrigation is also very effective, the sooner the better. When it is found that the meat is black and rotten, the earlier it is removed, the better it will be, and the necrotic part will become the culture medium of fungi, which will breed a large number of fungi( Note: wash hands and disinfect before and after resection, and disinfect knives and scissors to prevent infection!)

(3) Prevent insect bites or trauma.

Once there is insect bite or trauma, bacteria are easy to enter the plant from the wound.

(4) Disinfect the basin soil regularly and take precautions.

It is necessary to irrigate the basin with carbendazim regularly, and treat the root and stem base with 500-600 times of carbendazim solution before planting cuttings, which can effectively inhibit (spores are difficult to completely remove, so it is inhibition) and control the harm of Fusarium wilt.

How to prevent succulent black rot in summer