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Pictures of peacock, bamboo and taro

Konjac is a perennial herb, up to 60 cm high, with rhizome, long and narrow spear shaped leaves growing directly from the root, and the plant is clump like; There are different green stripes on the leaves, and the back of the leaves is mostly maroon. The leaves of this species are silvery green, with dark green spots radiating from the midrib and brown red spots of the same shape on the back.

In addition, it is also an expert in removing ammonia in the air (it can remove 0.86mg of formaldehyde and 2.19mg of ammonia in 10 square meters).

The back of the leaves is mostly maroon. Picture: konjac is a perennial evergreen herb. The leaves are 30-60 cm in height, 15-20 cm in length and 5-10 cm in width, oval in shape, thin, leathery, and purplish red in petiole. On the green leaf surface, there is a metallic luster, bright and gorgeous. Along both sides of the midrib, there are feather like, dark green, long oval down like patches, arranged alternately. The leaf back is purplish red.

With beautiful leaves, dense growth and shade tolerance, konjac is an ideal indoor greening plant. It can not only be used for individual plant appreciation, but also be planted as ground cover plants in rows to appreciate the group beauty and pay attention to providing a good background to set off. Use medium and small potted plants to watch, mainly decorate the study, bedroom, living room, etc. Picture appreciation of peacock and bamboo taro

Picture of peacock and bamboo taro in flower shop

Beautiful picture of peacock and bamboo taro