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How to cultivate five horned Phoenix

The Latin name (Astrophytum myriostigma) is a succulent plant belonging to the planetary genus of Cactaceae. It is native to the high mountains of northern and central Mexico. It's one of the succulent plants cultivated by many people. Many flower lovers breed succulent plants for the first time, so I asked how to raise five horned Phoenix? In fact, compared with other succulent plants, wujiaoluanfengyu is a relatively easy to maintain variety. Then, this article will introduce the maintenance method of Wujiao Luan Fengyu.

How to cultivate wujiaoluan Fengyu wujiaoluan Fengyu likes warm, dry and sunny environment.

The results showed that the sandy soil with loose air permeability and good drainage and calcareous content was the best; The best growth temperature is 18-25 ℃, which is more resistant to cold, but the winter temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃, otherwise the skin will wrinkle and produce chloasma, or it will freeze to death;

Wujiao Luan Fengyu is also more resistant to half shade and drought, afraid of water wet, so we should try to control watering, rather dry than wet, Wujiao Luan Fengyu is also more resistant to strong light, but the summer needs appropriate shade.

Wujiaoluanfengyusheng can be watered once every two weeks for a long time (in spring and summer) (it should be judged according to the actual situation, remember that it is better to be dry than wet, and the basin soil can be kept slightly wet). In autumn and winter, it is necessary to keep the basin soil dry.

The best germination temperature is about 21 ℃, and the germination rate is relatively high.

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