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The garden in spring, with lovely "cute God" came

We appreciate the flowers every day. In fact, we can't ignore the small creatures in the garden. Of course, there are lovely garden pets. The word "sell cute" is not suitable for them. I hope you like them!

In the brilliant spring, is liubeili a good match for little white rabbit?

Little rabbit: I just came to eat grass!

Lambs and daffodils, the fragrance of flowers seems really fresh, how our lambs like it!

Seeing this little piggy, my heart melted! I can't imagine what it looks like when it grows up. Like plants, it was much more lovely when I was a child!

Does little rabbit like celery?

Rabbit: our favorite is carrot! How fragrant! Lick it first. It's mine.

Once upon a time, there was an ugly duckling who had just gone through a long and cold winter,

Then it turned into a smelly duck( Xia xuepianlian is the leading role, OK

Do you think it's chinchilla? In fact, it's just the cute and heavy back of our little rabbit, OK!

Is this rabbit cute? How kind!

I also take a picture with plants first! Leave a message if you like!

Little fat rabbit, mouth is still shouting radish!

Hairy Angora rabbit, can not see the eyes, I thought it was a cat!

It's said that there are radishes to sell cute!