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How to deal with golden diamond leaf yellowing: Causes and Solutions

Jinzuan is an indoor foliage plant with strong vitality. It absorbs all kinds of toxic gases as nutrients (SO2, SO3, no, etc.) and has the function of purifying the air. It is suitable for breeding in homes, office buildings, hotels and other places. So when the golden diamond leaves turn yellow, what should we do? Pro, let's read on!

How to deal with the yellowing of golden diamond leaves: 1. Excessive watering leads to the yellowing of golden diamond leaves (yellowing): the tender leaves are dark yellow without luster, and the new shoots shrink.

Solution: watering is best carried out when the surface of basin soil is dry. It can be kept moist in high temperature period in summer. If the ambient temperature is lower than 15 ℃ in winter, it needs to be watered alternately.

2. The long-term water shortage led to the yellowing of Jinzuan's leaves: Although the new leaves had normal color, the lower leaves gradually dried up and fell off.

Solution: water and pour through.

3. Air drying causes golden diamond leaves to turn yellow: the humidity is lower than 50% and easy to turn yellow. If the air is too dry and the water evaporates quickly, it is easy to cause the leaves to dry up.

Solution: the air humidity is required to be kept between 50% and 75%, which is lower than 50% of the dry edge of yellow leaves. The air humidity is often increased by spraying water.

4. The lack of sunlight leads to the yellowing of chrysopanax's leaves: if chrysopanax is placed in too much shade for a long time, the leaves of chrysopanax are also prone to yellowing.

Solution: Jinzuan likes light and avoid strong direct light. It's best to maintain the growth environment in semi shade or scattered light. It can't be placed in the shade for a long time, otherwise the leaves are easy to turn yellow.

5. Excessive fertilization of Jinzuan leads to yellowing of leaves (yellowing): the old branches become yellow and fall off, and the new leaves are thick and shiny, but generally concave and convex are not stretched.

Solution: fertilization should be based on the principle of thin fertilizer and frequent application, and mainly on nitrogen fertilizer. If it's a precious flower, you can spread a layer of cabbage or radish seeds and pull them out after a few days to consume nutrients.

The maintenance methods of golden diamond are as follows: 1. Golden diamond likes warm and humid semi shady environment, and is afraid of severe cold. The overwintering temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃;

2. The suitable temperature for growth is 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, and the growth begins at 10 ℃;

3. It is better to grow in sandy loam with rich humus and good drainage. Potted plants usually use peat and perlite to prepare nutrient soil;

4. It should be placed in half shade and avoid direct sunlight in summer. During the growing period, keep the soil moist, avoid over drying, and put it away from the heating and air conditioning outlets;

5. Prevent leaf yellowing, diseases and insect pests. Diseases are mainly caused by maintenance or environmental discomfort, which can be prevented by good maintenance management; In view of red spider this kind of insect pest, frequently sprays water and wipes the leaf to be able to prevent effectively. It can be controlled by spraying special insecticides.

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