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Reasons for the withering of rhododendron flower buds: the withering of rhododendron flower buds is

If the Rhododendron has no buds, it may just be that the time has not come or the flowering is delayed, but if the buds are already budding and dry when they are ready to open, it will make people crazy. So, why do good buds suddenly dry up? Xiaobian summed up two reasons by looking for relevant information. Huayou can refer to these two reasons to check their rhododendrons.

Rhododendron flower buds dried up. The reasons of rhododendron flower buds dried up were as follows: 1;

If the new Rhododendron purchased by Huayou is a greenhouse flower, the original growth environment is suitable for temperature and humidity. After buying home, due to insufficient experience and changes in the environment, the plants are not adapted to the new environment. Especially when the air in the home environment is mostly dry, the originally well-developed flower buds have to stop growing, and then wither, shrink and fall off. If we don't improve the environment and increase it moderately, the plant will wither, the leaves will gradually wither and fall off, and the isolated branches will be left until death.

2、 New buds sprout and dead flowers sprout;

In winter, the indoor temperature with heating is generally 15-20 degrees, which is very suitable for the growth and development of Rhododendron, so it is easy to sprout new buds, usually around the flower buds. When the flower buds and new buds grow together, the new buds are bound to compete for the nutrients of the flower buds. When the nutrient supply of the flower buds is insufficient, they will slowly shrink, dry and fall.

Maintenance of Rhododendron bud in early flowering stage (1) topdressing before flowering. From March on, nitrogen and phosphorus should be applied once or twice every 15 days, combined with thin top dressing with phosphorus as the main fertilizer, so as to increase the nutrition needed for flowering, make the flower buds full, bloom big and beautiful. In this way, although there are buds, but due to insufficient nutrition, flower buds wither and can not bloom. But we should pay attention to avoid applying thick fertilizer, otherwise, because of too much fertilizer, the flower buds will wither and shrivel and not bloom.

(2) The buds should be dredged in time. Rhododendron (including Rhododendron occidentalis) cultivated well usually has full buds. In order to make it bloom big and colorful, only one bud should be left on the top of each branch, and the rest should be removed, including the bud on the inner branch. After taking off the brown coat, 2-3 flowers will appear.

Pay attention to the method when removing the flower bud, that is, hold the flower bud with your thumb and index finger and twist it in the same direction (do not use force to pick directly), and the removed flower bud will fall off naturally. Taking such a torsion method, neither the remaining buds nor the pedicel will be damaged.

(3) At flowering. People often like to move the beautiful Rhododendron into the room to enjoy, but when you put it in the room, you should pay attention to: it should be placed in the window or the ventilation place near the window, it can shine some weak sunlight sooner or later, it should be moved out of the room at night, it should be watered when the soil is dry, and it should not be fertilized during the flowering period, so as to prolong the flowering and flower appreciation period.

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