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How to do if there is "little black fly" in the flowerpot: it can be effectively killed by physical

For the flower friends, "little black fly" this kind of creature should not be strange, but the problem is that although many flower friends see a lot, they can't call their names (embarrassment in capitals ~), so it's troublesome to find the prevention and control data. So, today I'm going to tell you the true face of this kind of nuisance and the rectification measures. How to deal with "xiaoheifei" in the flowerpot; In fact, it's not only near the flowerpots, but also in the suburbs or rural areas where there is damp and rotten organic matter. Xiaoheifei is very common( This is the product below

Musculus acutus

After knowing xiaoheifei's true colors, it's much easier to kill him. I won't talk about some off the beaten track methods, but mainly about the relatively effective and practical methods

1. Physical killing: the reason why there is little black fly in the flowerpot is that the soil contains rotten organic matter, such as nutrient soil, which is easy to breed little black fly. Flower friends can pave the soil for the flowerpot. The author has used sand, and the effect is good; In addition is to buy armyworm board, hanging in the vicinity of potted plants, the effect is also good.

2. Chemical medicine killing: when mixing soil, add carbofuran; If the soil has been put into the pot, it must be sprinkled with carbofuran when sowing, otherwise it will be easily eaten by the little black fly larvae once it emerges. Spray water to dissolve it after sprinkling. After being absorbed by soil and plants for a few days, it can directly kill the larvae of black fly and root mealybug. After being absorbed by plants, it can also prevent mealybug, green bug, aphid, mite, red spider, thrips, caterpillars, leaf miner, planthopper, etc. after being absorbed, these insects will be killed if they chew a few leaves( Don't ask me if I have poison, poison! But carbofuran doesn't volatilize. As long as you kill yourself, it's no problem.)

In fact, the main reason why xiaoheifei is rampant is that the medium is not completely insecticidal before use. When Huayou is more particular about using organic medium in the future, consider killing virus and insects first.