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Culture method of Xingdou: like water but not water, avoid exposure to the sun

Xingdou, although it belongs to Cactaceae, has no prickles of cactus, and only white star like woolen hair on the constellation of prickles. Many flower friends choose to start decisively because of their small size and charming appearance. However, they don't know the culture method of Xingdou, so I compiled some culture methods of Xingdou, hoping to help you. culture method of Xingdou Xingdou: Xingdou can be obtained by sowing or by collecting seeds by yourself. However, flower friends need to understand that Xingdou is cross pollinated and requires two unrelated Xingdou pollinators to produce seeds. Generally, Xingdou flowers can bloom when it grows to 5cm in straight diameter.

Xingdou does not like the pure granular materials with large particles. Such materials can only ensure the survival of Xingdou and reduce the probability of rotten roots. However, such materials will cause very few fibrous roots of Xingdou and slow down or stagnate the growth of Xingdou. Maybe some flower friends have also found that when changing pots, the main root of Xingdou is very thick, but the fine root is very few, or there is almost no fibrous root. This is basically caused by the coarseness of the plant material.

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Since last year, my (Senior Huayou) plant material has added two kinds of medium, small-sized perlite and peat, about 10% each, on the basis of the original large-sized plant material, such as hematite, bluestone and light stone. It can be seen from this basin change that the effect of root cultivation is very good.

The reason is that Xingdou is fond of water, the gap of pure large-scale planting material is too large, and it dries too fast. The capillaries of Xingdou can not attach, which affects the absorption of water and nutrients, and causes the repeated root, withered, reincarnated and withered of capillaries. Adding some small-scale planting material and peat will greatly improve the growth and absorption environment of capillaries, thus bringing about a flourishing root system~

It needs to be said here that although Xingdou likes water, it doesn't mean that it can accumulate water. When Xingdou is maintained in summer, when the light is strong, it should be properly shaded, otherwise it is easy to get sunburnt, and it is also necessary to avoid splashing soil when watering. Xingdou blooms