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How to spend the winter safely: move to the north to spend the winter indoors, and cover a plastic b

With the improvement of the awareness of healthy life, many flower friends have raised flowers and plants to cultivate sentiment and release pressure. So many people try to plant the water lily, which makes people feel relaxed and happy, but some flower friends lack the experience of helping the water lily in winter. When it comes to winter, they are confused and don't know how to make the water lily live in winter safely. Here's a lesson for the white people to see how the water lily lives in winter. it's easier to spend the winter safely when the water lilies bloom. It's OK to spend the winter directly in the open air in the south. Let's take a look at what we need to pay attention to when the water lilies spend the winter.

Before and after the frost, the cold proof measures must be taken to make the water lily live through the winter safely. The simplest way is to put the water lily indoors as long as it is not frozen (even if there is slight ice). During the winter period, it is necessary to avoid the room temperature from going up and down. If the room temperature is lower than 5 ℃ for a long time, the basin can be covered with plastic film, and then it can be uncovered after the temperature rises again. After the spring temperature is appropriate, it will be natural It will germinate. It should be noted that even in winter, the basin soil should be kept moist and watery. If water shortage is found, water should be added in time. It's better to water it when it's warm at noon, and use the water put in advance to keep the temperature of the basin soil consistent with the water temperature.

If it's winter outdoors in the south, you can use plastic bags to protect against cold, or other measures to protect against cold. What's more, Huayou should understand that the bowl type of water lily can't be compared with the jar type of water lily, and the larger the jar, the stronger the cold resistance.

So, what flower lovers need to know about how to spend the winter is: first, keep water in the basin; second, the temperature should not be lower than zero. As for the cold prevention measures, everyone can play their own role, such as plastic cover. it's like this in winter

Another problem is that some of the flower friends who don't follow the normal logic of soaking seeds do so only in October and look at a few thin leaves. In this case, it's very difficult to spend the winter, because the water lilies begin to enter the dormancy state after November, and the leaves begin to wither. At this time, the water lilies of the flower friends are not necessarily planted, so it's very difficult to spend the winter. The right time for seed soaking should be around May every year. Potted plants with vigorous growth