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How to remove the pock marks on the face

How to remove the acne print on the face? Acne print disappear, no worries! After acne subsides, there will be a headache of acne print. Many people don't know how to remove the pock marks on their faces. female editor will teach you the best way to remove the pock marks, so that you can get rid of all the troubles!

There are many kinds of pockmarks, generally including black pockmarks, red pockmarks, concave pockmarks and hyperplastic convex scars. What can be solved by beauty and skin care methods is the black and red pockmarks that belong to pigmentation.

What is black acne print?

Black acne mark is the pigmentation after the inflammation of acne, which makes the place longer than red acne leave black and dirty color, making the skin dark. In fact, these black colors will gradually disappear with time. This is a temporary false scar, not a real scar.

What is red pock mark?

Red spot is because the original long acne, inflammation of cells caused by vasodilation. But the blood vessels will not shrink immediately after the elimination of acne, forming a flat red temporary erythema. It will be more red when the skin temperature rises or exercises, this kind of erythema is not a scar, it will gradually fade in half a year.

There are several ways to break the acne mark

Black pox print:

1, use the essence of the levo C class and ultrasonic wave introduction to promote the production of skin collagen and speed up the elimination of black pox and India.

2. After treatment, it can be combined with external whitening skin care products (daily use) and fruit acid skin care products (night use) to enhance the curative effect. On the one hand, it can inhibit the production of melanin, on the other hand, it can promote skin metabolism and accelerate the elimination of melanin. However, whitening care products and fruit acid care products are more effective for melatonin, while the effect of red acne is relatively poor.

Red pock mark:

1. Pulse light: it can contract the microvessels and has the effect of light scar, but it needs to be treated for many times. Pulse light can also increase the collagen of dermis, make the depression no longer obvious, improve the pore size, so it is also suitable for the skin with slight pits.

2. The use of fruit acid containing care products or household skin care products, promote the old waste cutin off, help skin renewal, improve pigmentation after acne.

3. It can be treated with drugs.

How to remove the acne print on the face? Sihai women's beauty and Skin Care Acne channel has more about acne prescription, let your acne print disappear, no worries!