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How to restrain scalp oil, why does scalp grow blain inside

How to restrain scalp oil? Why does acne grow in the scalp? Do you have such troubles? After washing your hair, it will not be long before it becomes greasy again. How to restrain scalp oil? Why does acne grow in the scalp? How to solve the problem of acne in the scalp?

How to restrain scalp oil

1. Shampoo and degrease

Shampoo is an important part to control scalp oil. There is no scientific basis for some people to think that hair will get oily after washing. The cause of scalp oil comes from the hypersensitivity of sebaceous glands to hormones, which has nothing to do with the frequency of shampoo. On the contrary, due to the characteristics of oily hair secreting a lot of oil and other fatty excreta, if not cleaned in time, these excreta will block the hair follicles, affect the growth of hair, and even cause serious damage to the hair follicles, causing hair loss. Therefore, people who are prone to oil on the scalp should wash their hair frequently. Although cleaning the hair can not slow down the characteristics of oil on the scalp, it can keep the scalp healthy Clean and prevent hair loss.

2. Diet degreasing

The human body's oil secretion is ultimately from the outside intake, so the scalp is easy to oil, we should also pay attention to control the external oil intake. Many people who produce a lot of oil on their scalp have a heavy taste in their diet. They like to eat all kinds of greasy things and accumulate a lot of indigestible oil in their bodies, which leads to the fact that the degree of oil on their scalp far exceeds that of ordinary people. The source of changing this situation is from diet control.

3. Lifestyle adjustment

In addition to natural oily constitution, some scalp out of oil and acquired habits also have a great relationship. We all have the experience that if we stay up late, the scalp oil will be particularly serious, which is the consequence of the metabolism being seriously affected. In addition, long-term non exercise, love of smoking and drinking, excessive fatigue and tension will cause serious scalp oil phenomenon, which is our bad living habits lead to the deterioration of scalp environment, we must pay attention to.

Why does scalp grow blain inside

One is due to the blockage of hair follicle pores; the other is due to frequent sweating or excessive oil secretion; the third is due to incorrect use of shampoo or unclean washing of hair!

Acne is called acne or facial blister in medicine. After the age of 30 people rarely occur, it is also known as acne or youth bud. Who is prone to this disease? In case of one of the following situations, acne may appear.

1. A person who is in puberty;

2. People with severe oily skin;

3. A thin, black, masculine person;

4. A sweet eater;

5. People who often stay up late;

6. People who often come into contact with oil due to the nature of work and environmental conditions (such as gas stations, cooking, etc.).

The occurrence of acne is related to sebum. The sebaceous gland opens in the hair follicle. If the sebaceous gland secretes too much sebum, and the hair follicle is affected by various external stimuli and endocrine hormones and becomes keratinized, the sebum accumulates in the hair follicle, forming small facial blisters. This process usually takes about three months. If the bacteria grow and reproduce in the blister, it will cause infection, thickening and form a large blister, and even leave scars on the face.