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How to analyze the causes of acne in traditional Chinese medicine

The fast pace of life and high pressure of work, so that you often find your face I do not know when to grow a nasty acne, Chinese medicine how to analyze the causes of acne? Which acne prescription fast acne? Xiaobian will take you to appreciate the charm of Chinese medicine, together with the magic effect of acne prescription!

According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, acne is caused by the accumulation of endotoxin in the skin and hair follicles. There are three main reasons for the toxin: first, unscientific diet, spicy, greasy and fishy food is very easy to produce toxins; second, poor sleep, not sleeping before 11 pm or not sleeping enough will promote the production of toxins; third, poor sleep will promote the production of toxins; Third, physical reasons, some people's constitution is more likely to produce toxins, which lead to acne growth. The emergence of acne has brought many troubles to people's work and life, such as negative psychology, low mood and suffering from acne. But don't be afraid of acne. As a senior beauty editor, I still have some minor prescriptions for acne. Let's share them with you

One of the small prescriptions for acne removal is pearl powder and egg whites, and pearl powder and egg white are both sedative and whitening effects. When the two are mixed together, the skin will become smoother and smooth. This method should be persisted for a long time, and the pearl powder should not be put too much, otherwise it will easily block the pores. Yogurt should be low-fat or defatted as far as possible to avoid excessive nutrients to produce fat particles.

The second minor prescription for acne elimination: honey is applied to the face to remove acne. Generally speaking, the risk of mm long acne of oily skin is relatively high, and excessive oil secretion blocking the pores is the direct cause of acne. Therefore, to remove acne, it is necessary to control oil and water, so that the skin can achieve oil-water balance, and honey has the effect of oil control. Applying honey can increase the temperature of facial skin, make the pores stretch and make the skin deep Second, it can suck out the oil in the pores, and honey also has the effect of moisturizing the skin, so the effect of applying honey to the face to remove acne is very good, which is more suitable for sisters with oily skin.

Acne small folk prescription 3: use the correct acne skin care products, as a powerful acne elimination function in the European and American markets, the French ouquanlin acne series It is rich in Ginkgo biloba, ginseng, peppermint and collagen cell activating factor. It can directly act on the disordered arrangement of damaged skin fibrous tissue, and improve the skin metabolic activity and cell activity, It can promote the regeneration of fresh skin cells, and ultimately eliminate acne scars and smooth concave convex pits. Ouquanlin, a pure natural plant, is rich in antioxidants and a variety of natural anti acne ingredients. It can quickly and smoothly narrow pores and disintegrate virus and bacteria. So as to quickly remove acne, acne, acne. Repair skin lesions, prevent scars and black marks.

I believe that rational use of the above recommended acne small folk prescription, usually also pay attention to reasonable eating habits, and then develop a good work and rest rules, acne is no longer a problem. Love beauty is the nature of every female friend. Is the acne eliminating prescription introduced by Xiaobian wonderful? Next there will be more articles about beauty acne, want more beautiful friends more attention! Wish you health and beauty!