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How does blain scar form? How to eliminate blain scar quickly?

How to form acne scar? How to quickly eliminate acne scar? Although the acne on the face has been cured after a period of treatment, it has left a lot of traces due to too late medical treatment or too severe acne before, and even pockmarked scars, which reminds people of the concave holes on the surface of the moon. This is what we commonly call acne scar.

Formation principle of acne scar

Acne scar is caused by infection, inflammation or external pressure. It is often because there is no timely and appropriate treatment when the acne attacks. The inflammatory reaction of skin cells causes damage to the skin tissue, resulting in the generation of scars. Due to the variety of acne, there are many forms of acne scar. The more serious the inflammatory reaction is, the more severe the skin tissue is damaged. The deeper the inflamed part is, the deeper the skin tissue is damaged, and the more serious the acne scar may be left in the future.

Give consideration to two aspects

Therefore, acne and youth acne scar are two major aspects that need to be taken into account in the treatment of acne. A complete set of acne treatment plan must be a complete medical treatment combined with internal skin surgery, including finding a professional skin surgeon in time when the disease breaks out, doing early prevention work for the acne scar that may be formed in the future, giving effective treatment to the acne that is breaking out, and providing effective treatment for the acne The acne scar has been formed for surgical correction, in order to minimize the damage of acne to the skin.

Types of acne scar

What can we do to remove the existing pockmarks? First, let's know the types of pockmarks

Pockmarks can be divided into two types: spots (pockmarks) and scars (depressions or bulges). The color spots are divided into red and black.

Red Spot

Red spot is because the original long acne, inflammation of cells caused by vasodilation. But the blood vessels will not shrink immediately after the elimination of acne, forming a flat red temporary erythema. It will be redder when the skin temperature rises or exercises. This kind of erythema is not a scar. It will gradually fade within 4 to 6 months.

Black spot

The black spot is the pigmentation after the inflammation of the acne, which makes the place longer than the red acne leave the black dirty color and darken the skin. In fact, these black colors will gradually disappear with time. Anxious people have to apply some anti melanin ointment or accept acid skin change and vitamin C introduction.

Temporary false scar

This kind of stain and pigmentation will disappear naturally after a long time, so they are generally temporary false scars, not real scars. Of course, the disappearance of erythema and melanin takes a certain period of time, otherwise the constricted blood vessels do not contract, the red will not retreat; the pigment that should be carried away by cells does not transport away, melanin can not disappear. The average false scar will disappear about half a year

Generally speaking, this kind of false scar will disappear automatically about half a year on average. However, due to different physical conditions, some people will be longer than the average value, for example, one year or even two years. People who can't wait can only use the help of external application, such as anti melanin ointment, topical application of a acid, Rhododendron acid, fruit acid or levo vitamin C, or receiving fruit acid skin change, dye laser, pulse light therapy and vitamin C introduction, which can accelerate the disappearance of color spots.

True scar

And the true scar is divided into two kinds: pit scar and proliferative scar. True scars don't disappear automatically. They need to be treated by a dermatologist.

Pit scar

Pit scar is a common condition. When the inflammation of acne is too strong and there is too much collagen in the dermis, it is possible to leave pits due to the collapse of the real skin. And many patients with acne like to use their hands to squeeze the acne, if the squeeze is not appropriate, it will greatly increase the chance of suppurative infection, it is easy to turn small acne, small acne into big acne, and then leave scars. Once the cavity is formed, it will not disappear automatically. We have to rely on laser skin grinding to save