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How to dispel acne and replenish water in spring?

Face problem can not be sloppy, how to dispel acne and replenish water in spring? Xiaobian recommends several beauty secrets that can be done at home, and be a DIY master.

DIY raw materials:


Contains a variety of vitamins, is a good water-based moisturizing ingredients, with moisturizing. In self-made skin care products, it is often used to modulate facial mask and make nourishing lotion to provide body nutrients and make skin moist and elastic.

Tea juice and tea

All have good cosmetic effect. In the self-made maintenance products, tea is often used to remove odor and sterilization. Tea juice is used to bathe, clean the skin, or to repair skin reddened by sunburn.

almond powder

Almond powder is a good health food material in traditional Chinese medicine. Almond powder, which is often used at home, not only has the effect of beautifying and whitening, but also is a good material for external use. Almond powder is used to make whitening facial mask and body scrub. It can enhance efficacy, effectively exfoliate and whiten skin. Almond powder can be bought in general supermarkets or Chinese medicine shops.

Lemon peel and lemon juice

Both are star materials in the bath, which can create a comfortable and pleasant bath atmosphere. Many fruits can be used as self-made maintenance products, but the importance of lemon deserves special attention. Lemon juice can make the skin clean, whitening, and has the effect of removing blisters. Lemon peel contains natural essential oil, which naturally sends out fragrance and makes people feel happy. The mask used for chopping lemon peel has the effect of scrub and scrub. It has the effect of removing old waste cells for the face and body.


Contains a lot of vitamin E, minerals, to remove aging cutin has special effect. In the self-made maintenance products, it is often used to make maintenance products to remove dead skin and increase luster.


Cucumber juice is rich in water and contains vitamin C, which can enhance the regeneration ability of skin and is an important material for skin beautification. In the self-made maintenance products, cucumber juice is often used. After sunburn, cucumber juice can be applied on the painful skin for about 10 minutes, and the pain will be reduced naturally.


High nutritional value, rich in protein, potassium, vitamins and minerals, with mild cleaning and nourishing skin repair effect.


Rich in flavonoids and tannic acid, it can help the skin to resist oxidation and eliminate skin toxins; it also contains vitamin C, minerals, sugar and malic acid, which has the functions of nourishing, astringent and moisturizing.

How to dispel acne and replenish water in spring? Sihai beauty continues to launch more acne removing programs to help you have a perfect skin!