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Popular acne remover

Beautiful tip: hot summer, is our skin metabolism is the most vigorous time, at this time the skin acne problem is the most prominent, and active body function is also the best time to eliminate acne.

Popular acne removing cosmetics on the Internet

Xu Du acne men and women choose to start the 'bright project' for their own skin at this time, a popular acne product popular on the Internet - Defoe Chinese medicine acne removal series set has become the first choice of everyone. The Defoe acne removal set is favored by users with its characteristics of 'no allergy and no irritation', 'rapid effect' and 'affordable price'. So, this traditional Chinese medicine acne Defoe brand in the end, its acne set is effective, small braid with you to see.

Defoe brand

Defoe is a well-known cosmetic brand in Hong Kong. In 2011, Hong Kong qilekang Pharmaceutical Group wholly acquired the cosmetics company affiliated to Defoe, and formally introduced the series of Defoe cosmetics products into China, which also made up the blank of health and beauty product line of qilekang Pharmaceutical Group. In July, Defoe Chinese medicine skin care series products were listed in China with brand-new packaging, in order to create the first brand of Chinese medicine skin care in China A solid step has been taken. According to the Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine: "Yin is flat and Yang is secret, and spirit is governing.". "Yin is blood and Yang is Qi. Human beauty comes from the balance of yin and Yang, and Qi and blood are unobstructed. Defoe traditional Chinese medicine skin care products collect the profound mystery and wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine culture. The concept of traditional Chinese medicine skin care is put forward. Dredge meridians: remove skin dirt and block, restore skin nutrition supply; nourish blood gas: replenish skin nutrition and regulate local human function balance through the ingredients of Defoe traditional Chinese medicine. Beauty from the inside to the outside: through the skin internal environment conditioning, let the skin regain health, no longer rely on external modification, let the skin restore the natural, energetic beauty.

Analysis of Defoe acne removing suit

Set 1: Defoe acne experience

Suit features: the set consists of three products: the Chinese traditional medicine cleansing cream, the doffer skin toner and the Dou's special acne removing essence. It focuses on skin cleaning and replenishment, and controls the secretion of oil. At the same time, the essence of acne dispel quickly on the part of the acne spot, so as to enhance the immune function of the skin, and to sterilize and diminish inflammation, and prevent acne from being marked.

Applicable crowd: for acne, red and swollen acne, inflammatory acne and other general types of acne have excellent removal effect, suitable for forehead, nose, back, cheek, chest and other parts of all kinds of acne. It can effectively eliminate various acne symptoms such as facial glossiness, redness and inflammation, swelling and pain, abscess, etc. it is recommended to be used in the early growth stage and rapid development stage of acne.

Acne elimination index: ★

Acne removal index

Set 2: Defoe acne and mite free full effect suit

Features: this suit is based on the 'dove acne removing experience pack', especially adding 'Fu Huo Fu bio pox mite Jing' for skin mite removal. For those with a stirring among the dry bones, the skin is always resurgent, and the acne is treated by the combination of the "fowl skin pox mites net" and the "Dee special acne removing essence".

Applicable population: people with acne in all parts of the body caused by mites, especially rosacea nose, acarid acne on the front chest / back, massive papules and acne on the face, and also have mite skin symptoms (such as enlarged pores, desquamation, pruritus, exuberant oil secretion, etc.).

Acne elimination index

Index of mite control: Recommended

Set 3: 5-piece anti acne printing set

Suit features: This set consists of 5 ingredients, namely cleansing cream, toner, full effect surface film, special acne removing essence, and removing whitening cream. First remove the acne, and at the same time prevent the acne mark, and then remove the red, black and other kinds of acne marks left by the previous long acne, which will not cause dry peeling, and does not contain any substances that stimulate the skin, so as to get rid of the trouble of acne and acne marks.

Applicable crowd: the skin has been left with obvious pockmarks in the past, and it is used for skin problems with vigorous acne growth.

Acne elimination index

Acne removal index: Recommended

In addition to the above Defoe traditional Chinese medicine acne removal suit, Defoe also designed many sets of acne removal experience pack, acne removal internal and external conditioning pack, acne treatment package, etc. according to more people with different acne conditions. It can be seen that the series of products of Defoe acne removing set are rich, and give full play to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine 'syndrome differentiation and treatment' to cure acne skin problems from the inside out.

Xiaobian entered the official website of Defoe and found that a variety of Defoe acne removing suits are in the discount promotion, and the website sales are very hot. Interested in understanding acne products readers, might as well enter the website to appreciate the product situation.