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What method can treat whelk very well

What method can treat whelk very well? Vexed hot whelk let girl's skin did not have moisten, so what good method can treat?

The first way to treat acne is to keep the sebaceous duct unobstructed. According to the principle of the pipeline theory, where the sebaceous gland is blocked, there will be acne and inflammation. Therefore, for mature acne, pustules and cysts, puncture and drainage or extrusion can be carried out under strict aseptic conditions. The most serious should go to the hospital to deal with, can be under anesthesia puncture drainage irrigation.

Treatment of acne second: anti infection, if not serious, you can use metronidazole, pustular more serious, it is recommended to use minocycline oral medicine, of course, when the infection is serious, you can also give it intravenously.

The third way to treat acne: the occurrence of acne is because of the high rate of sebum secretion, so to reduce the rate of sebum secretion, we can choose some androgen antagonists, androgens have stimulating effect on sebaceous glands, we can choose male stimulation antagonists to reduce the secretion, I like to use spironolactone, viaminate, use these two drugs to adjust the sebum secretion rate. The time can be a little longer. It can be used for two to three months. Small dose of long-term use can well inhibit the secretion of sebum, reduce the incidence of acne caused by blocking the hair follicles. At the same time, we also use some oil control cream and skin softener.