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Say goodbye to the nasty pimples

Do you worry about getting rid of acne all the time? Why do you always have acne on your face, do you know? It's also acne, and the causes may not be the same. In order to really achieve a good anti acne effect, the acne muscle sister must first understand the causes of acne on her face, and then according to her own situation, she can really win the anti acne action.

How do some girls care for acne before and after menstruation?

How to care for acne before and after menstruation

Q: My daughter is 24 years old. Her skin is white and sensitive. Before menstruation or when she is too tired, she often has long-shaped acne on her chin, ear and nose. At the beginning, she will have pain. The medicine won't disappear. Because she has no head, she can't squeeze it out. After a while, she won't have pain, but she can't get rid of it. Sometimes she will go to the beauty salon to cut it out, but her health and safety are worrying. Is this a kind of sore? How to prevent it? How to deal with it when it grows out?

A: Acne before and after the physiological period is caused by hormone imbalance. If it is serious, it is recommended that the patient go to the gynecology and obstetrics clinic to diagnose and adjust the hormone imbalance caused by the physiological period.

For skin problems, the use of oral or external antibiotics can be cured, do not go to the beauty salon to cut and squeeze, it is easier to produce bacterial infection and scars and other problems.

Normal work and rest but full of acne: before the city, my acne was not much, now I work, normal work and rest, but full of acne. My acne is red and swollen first, then slowly grow into white stuff, most of them are distributed in the chin, sometimes the left cheek is more serious, sometimes the right side is more serious. I have a bath every day after having a bath, and apply a whitening lotion before going to bed. Where is my problem?

A: in case of acne on the face, first check whether it is due to improper cleaning. If you have completed the cleaning steps, there is still acne. The main cause is hormone imbalance caused by pressure, which causes acne. If the patient's acne is red, swollen and white head, it belongs to the hair follicle inflammation symptoms. Generally speaking, oral or external antibiotics can cure it.