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How to raise white and tender skin in spring

There are wonderful ways to dispel acne and protect skin in spring. How to raise white and tender skin? There are many reasons for skin acne. Seasonal changes make the skin difficult to adapt, or improper diet and insufficient skin cleanliness lead to blockage of hair follicles and breeding of bacteria, resulting in acne. How to become white, tender and flawless smooth skin? Teach you the magic trick of skin care and acne removal in spring.

Deep cleansing is a basic way to fight acne. Friends clean their skin with warm water 3-4 times a day. At the same time, making chrysanthemum tea is also a good choice. Chrysanthemum adds some honeysuckle to make tea to clear away heat and detoxify. You can also apply chrysanthemum tea on your face, which also has a certain anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect on acne.

Introduction to acne removing methods:

1. Pearl powder egg white

Take 4 grams of pearl powder and 1 egg white, mix them evenly and apply them on your face, wash them off after 15 minutes, and long-term persistence can weaken acne marks. Pearl Fen and egg white are both sedative and whitening effects. When they are mixed together, the skin will become smoother and the acne marks will fade slowly when used as a mask. And it's very affordable. Just do it twice a week.

2. White sugar Facial Cleanser

When you wash your face every morning and evening, take an appropriate amount of white sugar and facial cleanser, mix them together, and then apply them on your face, gently rub them, and you can see the effect after a week.

3. Apple anti acne paste

Select a fresh apple, slice it, and then put it into boiling water. Wait for a few minutes until the apple slices become soft. Then take the apple out of the water and stick it on the acne mark when it is cooled to warm. After 20 minutes, remove it and wash your face. This method is very simple. Just use it twice a week.

4. Pearl powder vitamin E

Mix the pearl powder with vitamin E, also apply it gently on the face and massage. But it should be noted that it can only be used to remove acne marks. It can not be used to remove acne. It can not be applied to the whole face to avoid inflammation.

5. seaweed mask to remove pock prints

Take 20 grams of seaweed granule mask powder, dissolve it in a suitable amount of pure water, then apply it to a clean face and wash it in 10 minutes. This method is suitable for three times a week. It's convenient to go to acne and India, and it works quickly. It's worth a try.

6. Pearl powder yogurt

You can use the leftover yogurt, just a few drops, mix a small amount of pearl powder, and then apply it on the place with acne marks. You can stay on your face overnight and wash it off the next day. However, it should be noted that this method is effective only after long-term persistence, and do not put too much pearl powder, otherwise it will easily block pores. Yogurt should be low-fat or defatted as far as possible to avoid fat particles due to excessive nutrients.

These 6 natural tips can help mm with acne, remove acne and restore smooth, tender and white skin!