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How to treat allergic skin acne

How to treat skin allergy and acne? Allergy skin acne elixir! For mm with sensitive skin, what tips do you need to know to treat acne? Skin allergies and acne are really troublesome. Take action now to remove acne without leaving traces!

Acne, also known as' acne 'or' acne ', is the common name of acne. Generally speaking, adolescence is the high incidence period of acne. At this time, hormones in the body will stimulate hair growth and promote sebaceous glands to secrete more oil. Therefore, hair and sebaceous glands accumulate many substances to attach oil and bacteria, which will lead to inflammation and skin redness and swelling. This is what we call 'acne'.

However, with the accelerating pace of life, work pressure is increasing, and there are more and more 'adult pox'. Many people have very good skin, but suddenly have acne on their face, and there is no sign of improvement no matter what maintenance products they use.

At this time, it is necessary to regulate from the inside: give yourself a holiday, try to relax, and don't let bad emotions follow you all the time. When these pressures are relieved, acne will naturally subside.

1 cleaning products: cleaning is the most important for any skin. Proper use of mild and effective cleaning products can effectively clean the bacteria and dirt attached to the skin surface, prevent them from adhering to the skin surface, blocking pores and causing skin inflammation.

2 products containing salicylic acid: oil soluble salicylic acid can effectively dissolve the dirt in pores, help remove blackheads, avoid pore blockage and remove the threat of acne from inside pores.

3 anti bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory effects of acne removal mask: the final condition of acne outbreak is skin surface redness and inflammation. Products with bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory effects can quickly eliminate bacteria causing skin redness and swelling, quickly calm acne and alleviate inflammation. If it is first aid, it is best to choose such acne products.