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How does the corner of the mouth grow blain, red and swollen acne do? There are wonderful tricks for

How does comer of the mouth grow blain red swollen acne to do? There are wonderful ways to prevent and treat! How to prevent and treat the dazzling small acne in the corner of the lips?? Stubborn and repeated small acne, your smooth face becomes rough and fine pores become thick. In the face of lip acne, expel them and easily improve your good luck.

Prevention and conditioning is fundamental

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the main cause of lip comedo is the impairment of renal function or the imbalance of endocrine system, especially gastrointestinal dysfunction and constipation. Excessive androgen secretion will directly stimulate the increase of sebaceous glands, promote the keratinization of hair follicles, block pores, cause inflammation and cause acne. In addition, women's hormone secretion changes before menstruation will also cause acne. For some mm with more sebum secretion and frequent acne, we need to pay more attention to daily conditioning.


1. Pay attention to skin cleaning. For acne prone skin, the correct cleaning of the skin is particularly important. Choose a mild cleanser close to the skin pH, and it will be better if there is an appropriate amount of salicylic acid with acne removing effect. When cleaning the face, you can't only pay attention to the cheeks. The cleaning around the mouth is easy to be ignored, so it will provide a hotbed for acne on the corners of the lips.

While washing your face, you can gently massage your fingers and abdomen along the direction of skin texture for 3-5 minutes, and then wash it with warm water to completely remove dust and grease on your skin.

2. Choose appropriate cosmetics. Oily or powdery cosmetics are easy to make the skin more greasy and blocked pores. Properly use water quality care products with more moisture and wetting effect. Before going to bed, thoroughly remove the cosmetics of the day, and avoid applying nutritional cream and ointment before going to bed, so as to make the skin relaxed and unblocked at night and breathe fully.


Taboo! Liking sweets instead of self-control is an important factor causing acne. Sugar rich cakes, carbohydrate rich snacks, fast food, snacks and other foods are easy to gain weight and cause constipation. If you want to refuse acne and make your skin tender, eat more high fiber vegetables and fruits and drink more water!

sleep early! No matter how busy you are, please go to bed at 11 o'clock. The skin's metabolism is usually carried out from 11 o'clock in the evening to 2 o'clock in the middle of the night. Adjust your physiological clock to the right time to avoid self pity.

Move! Adhering to exercise and maintaining a happy spirit can accelerate blood circulation, promote the timely discharge of waste in the body, and keep the pores unobstructed in the continuous sweating of the skin.

First aid at critical moments

Facing the formation of acne, we should first face up to its existence. Acne is a part of acne, and more importantly, acne is the root of acne. Connivance to acne is appeasement. As long as the amount of oil is too high, acne will burst out accidentally. Therefore, we should not only unblock pores and strengthen metabolism, but also take humble acne seriously and give quick first aid to the skin.

External application:

Fresh milk:

Half a cup of fresh milk is boiled. After it is warm, wet it with cotton and gently rub it on the face. After a while, the milk infiltrates into the pores to soften blackhead acne, wash it with clean water, and then gently squeeze out the acne head. A small amount of vegetable oil can be added to milk, which can quickly remove acne without leaving spots.

Brine flushing:

Salt water has the effect of anti-inflammatory and sterilization. It can inhibit acne to a certain extent, especially for early acne. Rinse the acne area at the corners of your mouth with 15g saline, 1-2 times a day, 2-3 days can inhibit the formation of acne. However, it should be noted that too high concentration of saline will lead to skin dehydration, which will worsen acne.

Mung bean powder mask:

Mix the mung bean flour with water and paste into the paste. Wash the spot of the acne before going to bed at night, and apply the mask on the top, then wash it with water after 15~20 minutes. Adhere to 2 weeks, acne will slowly disappear.

Steam face cleaning:

Most of the basin is hot water. Hold your breath and put your face at the mouth of the basin, surrounded by wet towels and steam bath surface. Repeat this several times, and then wash your face with warm water. 2 ~ 3 times a week to keep facial pores unobstructed, generally effective for two weeks.

After steaming your face, you should not expose your pores to the air. You should immediately use toner to moisturize, clean and astringe your pores, reduce the generation of blackheads and acne, absorb excessive oil secreted by your skin, and keep your skin fresh and clean.

Makeup method:


The most direct way to deal with acne is to cover it. Using a concealer with oil and anti-inflammatory ingredients, you don't have to worry about acne. In addition, use isolating products as much as possible before using the concealer. Otherwise, the direct application of make-up may bring more burden to the already fragile skin.


The acne on the mouth is the most attractive. If you choose a beige or beach color lipstick, the color is close to the skin color to smear the whole lip. It can make the lips become a visual blind spot. Besides, putting the makeup on the eye makeup can also make people ignore the acne on the corners of the mouth.

With these professional skin care methods, you don't have to worry about acne at the corners of your mouth. Don't squeeze it with your hands, it will have a reaction!