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How does white sugar go to acne and India? There is a set of white sugar anti acne in spring

How does sugar go to acne marks? Spring sugar anti acne has a set! White sugar face washing is cheap, easy to use and has various effects. What are the benefits of white sugar face washing? You can remove acne marks, exfoliate, blackheads and so on. Let's learn how to remove acne marks with white sugar!

Have you heard of it? White sugar washing your face can make your face radiant and wash out tender skin.

Are there so many benefits of white sugar washing your face? In fact, you won't believe what others say. At most, you're skeptical, so you'd better try it yourself.

How? This sugar wash step is actually very simple: first use vinegar to heat water to smoked the face (white vinegar, a little bit on the line). When the pores are opened, apply a mixture of honey and brown sugar. After applying it for 30 minutes, rinse it with water, then apply toner and lotion, OK! Use it consistently (1 or 2 times a week).

1: White sugar face washing and acne removing printing method

Wash your face with white sugar and a little water three times a day. You can feel smooth, white and tender in a week, and it is very effective for acne marks. After you wash your face with facial cleanser, use a little white granulated sugar. Medically, sugar is very good for wound healing. Put it on your palm and rub it with a little water to prevent too much irritation and allergy, and then rub it on your face, In about a minute, wash it with clean water.

2: Eliminating fine lines with Tremella Decoction

Boil Tremella with a little water for about an hour. It's best to boil it into a thick soup, and then apply it to your eyes. What you can't use can be put in the refrigerator. It will have a good effect over time.

Having learned so much about the benefits and effects of white sugar face washing, do you want to try it? There is a set of white sugar face washing and skin care in spring. You might as well try it!