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How to massage the face when washing the face can dispel acne

How to massage the face to remove acne when washing the face? Choose the right cleansing products according to different skin states. When washing your face, use gentle massage to clean and promote the blood circulation of your face. It has a good acne removing effect and can improve your skin color.

The correct cleansing massage method is as follows:

Step 1: take appropriate cleansing products in the hands of the heart, and fully knead, to create a rich foam, foam is fine and rich in order to more effectively and safely clean pores, wash out acne.

Step 2: first apply the foam to the T area. After soaking the facial skin with warm water, apply the cleansing foam to the forehead and nose bridge and gently massage the direction against the pores. This area is the most prone to oil and acne, and special priority should be given to cleaning.

Step 3: clean the whole face

Apply the whole foam to the face skin and gently clean the skin from the inside to the outside, and from the bottom to the top. Only against the pores can we better clean the deep dirt and grease, and say goodbye to acne more thoroughly.

Step 4: rinse the foam with water and pat dry. Xiaobian's recommendation: does sulfur soap dispel acne? What problems should we pay attention to

Acne removal can not be completed overnight. As long as you stick to it, you can see the effect.

Follow these 4 steps to cleanse and massage, easily help you remove acne and skin care, improve skin color and make your skin more ruddy and shiny!