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Does sulfur soap dispel acne? What problems should we pay attention to

Sulfur soap acne? What problems should we pay attention to? Can sulfur soap dispel acne? Can sulfur soap remove acne? The answer is clear: sulfur soap can remove acne. But in the process of removing acne, we should pay attention to some necessary problems. Give it a try!

Sulfur is sour, warm and toxic. It can enter the kidney and large intestine meridian. Clinically, it can be used to treat scabies and gangrene, which is also recorded in ancient medical books. For example, it is said in Medicinal Materia Medica that sulfur can 'be used to treat scabies, cold, heat and cough'. Generally, it is only for external use, but sulfur is toxic, so it is not suitable for long-term or large-scale use. I noticed that the patient uses sulfur soap here, so the sulfur content must not be too much, so it can be used for skin pruritus and has a certain curative effect. Moreover, the alkalinity of soap will also have a certain degree of antipruritic effect. Sulfur soap is a kind of soap with sulfur composition. Sulfur can effectively detoxify and sterilize, so sulfur soap has the functions of removing debris and sterilization, inhibiting and removing oil, diminishing inflammation and mites. And the curative effect is remarkable, which can effectively treat acne.

Sulfur soap can remove acne. If there is any skin allergy during use, it should be stopped immediately. Meanwhile, sulfur soap can not be used for a long time. It can be used two times a day in the morning and evening when the acne is serious. Massage gently on the face after kneading the foam, massage the oil seriously, such as the T area, then rinse it with warm water, immediately use moisturizing water and lotion to keep the skin full of moisture. Then gradually reduce the dosage, and finally change it to once a few days until it is not used. Or reuse after a period of time. Some sulfides also have the efficacy of sulfur sterilization and degreasing. Therefore, some products containing sulfides, daily cream and night cream can also be used to maintain skin.

Everyone may have heard of sulfur soap to remove dandruff. In fact, sulfur soap can also remove acne. Don't be surprised. Go to the supermarket to buy one and try it quickly.