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Efficient way to remove acne marks in spring

The efficient way to remove acne marks in spring is to return your smooth skin! Acne is the number one enemy of every mm, and acne marks are the most feared thing of every mm. Smooth cheeks, is it very exciting? Several tips to remove acne marks, let's find smooth cheeks together.

Eat less irritating food

Reduce the intake of fried, spicy and nut foods: these foods are easy to stimulate the growth of facial blisters. Therefore, to reduce the problem of acne or facial blisters, we must first change our eating habits, drink more water and eat more vegetables, fruits and vegetables, accelerate the body's metabolism and promote the ability of cells to detoxify.

Adequate and regular sleep

Skin beauty experts point out that staying up late and stress are easy to cause physiological clock disorder, lead to hormone imbalance, affect endocrine, and indirectly promote the formation of acne and acne. Therefore, ensuring adequate and regular sleep helps to reduce the burden on the skin and enhance the skin's immunity.

Benefits of washing your face

Removing excess oil secreted on the skin is the most important first step to eliminate acne and blisters. Wash your face with warm water, but do not wash your face more than 3 times a day. Complete cleaning can remove the dirt and old waste cutin on the face, avoid hair follicle blockage and reduce the production of acne and blisters. Of course, it is wrong to unilaterally emphasize the role of washing your face. As experts have pointed out, acne is more a problem from the inside out.

Why sunscreen?

I don't want to be tanned. Of course, I need sunscreen. Moreover, during acne, excessive exposure to the sun will stimulate the deterioration of facial blisters, and the accumulation of skin melanin will also deepen the color of acne scars and delay the recovery time of acne.

Exfoliating and acne removing

After acne, it will affect the normal metabolic function of the skin. Regular removal of keratin waste accumulated in pores can strengthen and promote cell metabolism.

Want a smooth cheek? How much have you learned from these little recipes to remove acne and India? Kill acne this spring!