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How does chrysanthemum expel acne skillfully? What is the acne treatment method of wild chrysanthemu

How does chrysanthemum expel acne skillfully? What is the method of treating acne with wild chrysanthemum? Simple and effective acne removal method is the most reliable natural method. If acne affects beauty, we should get rid of it. Teach you effective wild chrysanthemum acne removal methods. Don't try it soon!

Many young people in the development stage are particularly prone to acne (acne) because of the influence of hormones in the body, skin antibacterial ability and protective ability.

Although acne is not harmful to health, it affects beauty. A simple and easy method has a good effect after use. Now I recommend it to you.

The specific methods are as follows:

After frying 50g wild chrysanthemum into 200ml solution, cool the solution and put it into the freezer of the refrigerator to freeze into many small ice cubes for standby (general refrigerators are equipped with molds to make small ice cubes).

Then, after washing your face with facial cleanser every day, wipe your face with a piece of ice for about 10 minutes each time, twice a day.

Adhere to a week can be effective, if you can adhere to this method for a long time, you can control the recurrence of acne.

Have you learned the method of wild chrysanthemum to treat and prevent acne taught by Xiaobian? There are more relevant articles about acne removal. Continue to contribute to you. You can't miss it!